September 2016 Release
- ECON fixes, More compact output, Transition EPJ to ECON
- Bracket Matching
- Additional Editor Configuration (e.g. tabs, background)
- Remembering IDE Window positions
- C, C++, Python Bindings
- Windows Uninstaller
0001241: [ecere] GetKeyState(control) does not return true on a Ctrl+Click if the application was not in focus (jerome)
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Released 2016-08-04
July 2016 Release
- Fixed building with GCC 6 (Compiler was generating bad __attribute__ specifiers with with spaces rather than commas)
- Renamed IDE binary to less generic name (ide ==> ecere-ide)
- OpenGL Rendering: Optimizations; Support for Shaders (WebGL, Core/Compatibility profiles, OpenGL ES 2)
- Emscripten Support
- Android: Fixes to run on newer versions
- X: Fixed NumPad key definitions
- Font Outline Support
- Fixed text extent computation to account for overhang of italic fonts
- ECON Support (ECON is a JSON superset, dropping quotes, supporting hexadecimal, multi-line strings, comments, derived classes, and mapping directly to eC instantiations -- )
- ECON based Documentor (Documentation data can now be text-diffed with git etc.)
- Distributed Objects Fixes & Improvements
- (Windows) Fixes for TDM-GCC 5
- Sortable Containers
- Build system Fixes & Improvements
- Other Fixes & Improvements
0000594: [ecere] The template Containers are missing a Sort! (jerome)
0001115: [compiler] container inheritance bug / template bug due to order of definition (jerome)
0001042: [compiler] Container bug -- when doing array.array [ ] instead of just array [ ] (jerome)
0001012: [documentor] Implement a source .ecDoc format using eCON (Our own twist on JSON!) (redj)
0000845: [ecere] Simpler more intuitive Folder Select Dialog (jerome)
0000870: [ecere] Multitouch Support (jerome)
0000094: [compiler] DCOM fussiness over module names and module order (jerome)
0000890: [tarball] Rename the IDE ecere-ide (jerome)
0000854: [installer] Fatal error: can't create obj/bootstrap.win32/Array.o: No such file or directory Document this is caused by some mkdir.exe (redj)
0000882: [ide] Adopt JSON for Workspace (.ews) files (redj)
0000789: [ecere] issues on Grab screen (jerome)
0001077: [ecere] ear: crash on using f with a file instead of a folder (jerome)
0001113: [ide] Crash on closing IDE (from dock) asking to reload a Project (fault in ide.exe) (jerome)
0001114: [ide] Images not displaying in IDE, in OpenGL (jerome) - assigned. (jerome)
0001095: [ide] Crash when writing 'this.' (jerome)
0001112: [ide:codeeditor] Toggling Form designer moves cursor (EXTREME ANNOYANCE AS OFTEN MISS F9 breakpoint for F8) (jerome)
0000791: [ide:settings] custom fonts / fonts settings (jerome)
       0000792: [ide:codeeditor] use the Consolas font for code editor if available (jerome)
0000719: [installer] use Consolas font if available (jerome)
0001024: [ide:settings] Global Settings: Split compilers configuration from recent project (redj)
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Released 2014-08-07
0001087: [ecere] Various class:struct classes issues (jerome)
0000395: [ide] Add a way to stop a build once it started
0000648: [ecere] What kind of alpha blending are we doing right now in GDI? (jerome)
0000284: [ide] opacity goes from 75% (in the PNG) to 100% (backed by 'white') (jerome)
0000341: [ide] med/ : anchor = { right = : Lists all enums (jerome)
0000351: [ide] channel.Serialize( : pops up all enum values (jerome)
0000640: [ecere] OpenGL fonts and non-squared textures use (jerome)
0000699: [compiler] Units and ++ (jerome)
0000815: [ide] Project Workspace: env vars: copy/pasting while changing tabs? [Global Settings seems OK now] (jerome)
0000814: [ide] When opening up, don't make code editor go on top of output view (jerome)
0000942: [compiler] clang compiler support (jerome)
0000018: [ide] Better parsing in IDE project building to prevent errors from parallel builds (-jX) (jerome)
0000026: [compiler] Compiling is excessively slow (jerome)
0000070: [compiler] Provide a way to override the default namespace (jerome)
0000099: [compiler] Union bracket initialization is broken (jerome)
0000158: [ecere] Take advantage of new DataType Size vs Struct size (jerome)
0000241: [compiler] No "Function shouldn't return a value" warnings (jerome)
0000276: [compiler] Compile Time Color conversion of a ColorRGBA to a ColorAlpha is failing (jerome)
0000305: [compiler] Type Size thing - (class.type == normalClass || class.type == noHeadClass) ? sizeof(void *) : class.typeSize (jerome)
0000307: [compiler] The eC compiler fails to tell you when you reference a class that does not exist. (jerome)
0000439: [compiler] eC Compiler (ecc): Pass 4 - New Declaration Reordering Algorithm (jerome)
0000598: [compiler] No warning on "case pageUp: pageDown:" (jerome)
0000644: [compiler] Iterating an enum value with ints converts to an unrelated property (jerome)
0000771: [compiler] units: Degrees i; sin ( i + 5) vs sin(i + Degrees { 5 }) give different results (jerome)
0000832: [compiler] Declaration reordering and multiple variables declared in a single declaration (jerome)
0000994: [compiler] Bit Classes: Prevent overflow into other bitfields (jerome)
0001083: [ide] Stuck Tooltips, Stuck IDE, Crashing IDE (jerome)
0001084: [ide] project settings per-platform dir list edit crash in (jerome)
0001085: [ecere] JSON Map containers Read/Write Support (jerome)
0000205: [compiler] Fix integer promotions to follow the C standard ( (jerome)
0000234: [compiler] The SDK package fails to compile with GCC 3.4.5 (jerome)
0000278: [ecere] GetKeyState quirks (jerome)
0000316: [compiler] Issues with opaque structure parameters (jerome)
0000353: [ide] DataBox:: Class/Namespace operator not listing content properly (jerome)
0000361: [ide] public class StringBTNode : BTNode : Compile error when declared before BTNode (jerome)
0000685: [compiler] compiler/ecc: generated c code does not compile clean yet (jerome)
0000795: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] window not coming up right away in Mint 14 (have to click twice on Task Bar) (jerome)
0000776: [ecere] EditBox problem with Tabs on (jerome)
0000850: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] Ubuntu/Unity bug: Quirks with integration with top bar (jerome)
0001044: [ecere] Option not to use eC mem-mgr (jerome)
0000700: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] Window sizing issues on some X servers (jerome)
0000285: [ide] Resolution on Wide Screen Monitor causes minimization of window (jerome)
0000754: [compiler] class LocationAbbreviation : Location { } in causing compiler to crash (jerome)
0000503: [compiler] Some interesting memory leaks compiling (jerome)
0000501: [compiler] memory leaks (compiler) (jerome)
0001020: [ide:autocomplete] Key list does not show up on GetKeyState() autocomplete (Ctrl-Space) (jerome)
0000628: [ide] Message box when Ctrl-F7 a file not in project (redj)
0000804: [ide] Project Settings/Right-Click/Clear not working on OS X ? I think we've fixed this? Focus/interim thing? (7d60d28) (jerome)
0001022: [compiler] Iterators inside for loop without brackets with extra statement (jerome)
0001050: [compiler] Support for empty array literals (jerome)
0001058: [compiler] Get PrintLn([1, 2, 3]) working (jerome)
0000714: [installer] Include Versioning information from git commit in releases during build (redj)
0000826: [compiler] stdbool.h (Nicktick's FreeBSD 9.1's libjpeg?) (jerome)
0000787: [compiler] Support for C99 Complex number support (jerome)
0001041: [documentor] Add Back and Next buttons to Documentor (jerome)
0001056: [ide] Post build command too thin, buttons show over pre-build (redj)
0001057: [ide] Import Folder: Should default to project folder (redj)
0001059: [compiler] Add support for: 123.OnGetString(s, null, null) (jerome)
0001060: [compiler] Debugging method calls such as File::Puts() brings to generated C (jerome)
0001061: [documentor] Handle templated classes nicely (jerome)
0000678: [ecere] Implement mouse cursors support in X (jerome)
0001007: [compiler] [ 1 ].OnCompare([ 1 ]) -- Bad generated code (jerome)
0001030: [ide:debugger] New leaks in Debugger (redj)
0001036: [ide] Failures to go to source file from error log (redj)
0001037: [ide] F7 in Object.cpp builds up wrong project (redj)
0001039: [ide] Step over skipping breakpoints icon is missing [from toolbar] (redj)
0001055: [compiler] Provide a way to cross-compile from 64 bit SDK for Android (32 bit) (redj)
0000240: [ide] Compiled Program automatically minimizes when fullScreen = true (jerome)
0000537: [ecere] Window trails when moved.. (jerome)
0000671: [compiler] 255f is not always generating a syntax error (jerome)
0000992: [ecere] Implement acquired input on X11 (jerome)
0001021: [compiler] Declarations inside case statements (jerome)
0001031: [ide:debugger] Debug/Stop after Valgrind reports an error hangs the IDE (redj)
0001034: [ecere] Syntax Highlighting glitch on 123L/123LL (jerome)
0001045: [ecere] Is it possible to avoid a MouseMove when a menu is popped up under the mouse? (jerome)
0001063: [compiler:ecs] ecs: Windows command line exceeded (redj)
0001064: [ecere] Syntax Highlighting of strings continued with a \ (jerome)
0000676: [ide] The form designer doesn't handle strings with \n in them very well (jerome)
0000687: [ide:designer] Form Designer doesn't spuport $"string" syntax for i18n (jerome)
0000712: [installer] provide language selection (jerome)
0000718: [ide] Starting directory (jerome)
0000858: [i18n] Translation templates (.pot) improvements (redj)
0000909: [compiler] Parsing 'Type' leak in (jerome)
0000983: [installer] Running the installer on Vista+ will install things for Administrator (jerome)
0001016: [buildsystem] Ensure we can build out of the box as 32 bit on 32 bit Windows (jerome)
0001065: [ecere] Undo/Redo on mouse text drag should be a single action (jerome)
0001072: [compiler] Non-Conversion properties 'set' for unit type are not working (jerome)
0001073: [ecere] Hex number sytnax highlighting bug (jerome)
0001075: [ide] Hard to reproduce crash on closing project (jerome)
0000067: [ide] Wrong watch error message for invalid expression (jerome)
0000079: [ide] The watches do not handle global data properly (jerome)
0000103: [ide] Trying to set a breakpoint in a library ( while file with same name exists in Main Project does not work (jerome)
0000128: [ide] The ` and ~ characters in the Watches window (jerome)
0000165: [ide] New form project, start typing GuiApplication:: inside class and hang up occurs [ Debugger issue as well] (jerome)
0000201: [ide] Debugger often returning with no target ID
0000505: [ide] ide: debugger: Debugger & Condition exp (0 && 1) ? 4 : 5 (jerome)
0000605: [ecere] Don't insert blank spaces (redj)
0000609: [ide] Playing with FileDialog while Directory Search is going on hangs the IDE (jerome)
0000733: [compiler] Endless parsing on identifier with 4 ':' (jerome)
0000129: [ide] Strings in the Watches window (jerome)
0000209: [ide] Watches: Evaluating char buffer[123]; buffer + c (jerome)
0000262: [compiler] Crash compiling (jerome)
0000271: [compiler] Compiler Crash (jerome)
0000288: [compiler] 'this' crashes ecc.exe (jerome)
0000293: [compiler] symbolgen (ecs) doesn't like remote class method using nonexistent type (jerome)
0000642: [ide:autocomplete] IDE Crashes when pressing . (dot) in a list (jerome)
0000019: [ide:debugger] Memory can't be read at (null) error in watches ... (jerome)
0000402: [compiler] I need to know when I forget a COMMA!!!! (jerome)
0000456: [ide:debugger] memory leaks in debugger (jerome)
0000486: [ide] ide: watches: #QNAN0 shows as 0, will show address on a vector component (jerome)
0000502: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: Watching this in class Color : int 's OnDisplay : Memory can't be read at (null) (jerome)
0000772: [compiler] code still compiles with flagrant syntax errors (jerome)
0000154: [ide] The IDE Leaks a lot (jerome)
0000422: [tarball] too many warnings when compiling sdk sources
0000821: [ide:parsing] memory leaks (jerome)
0000797: [ide:debugger] If gdb is missing, the IDE thinks "Debugger Fatal Error: GDB lost" rather than "D.. F.. E..: Couldn't start GDB" (linux only) (jerome)
0000333: [ide] Breakpoints not showing up next time reopening project but active
0000345: [ide] Debugger Brings to source file, but deeper stack frame is selected
0000089: [ide] Problem debugging contents of union within a class (headerless)
0000499: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: Should never get this message - happens with symbolNotFound.member (jerome)
0000356: [ide] Member "name" not found in unregistered class? (Should never get this message)... Looking inside Class without sym files
0000061: [ide] When a crash occurs within a function without debug symbol...
0000315: [compiler] Compiler crash on C++ style method definition (jerome)
0001029: [compiler] Crash in Acovel with latest compiler (jerome)
0001015: [ide] Line number margins doesn't adapt to font size (redj)
0001025: [ide:parsing] ide crash when parsing ecere/src/gui/ (jerome)
0001032: [ecere] Glitch in syntax highlighter on nested multi-line comments (jerome)
0001033: [compiler] The 'type' class property for IdList is not being set correctly (jerome)
0001013: [ide] Linker Warnings are being reported as errors (redj)
0001014: [ide] Confusion with the Expression/Value fields in the watch window (redj)
0001018: [ide:debugger] Breakpoints in static libraries (redj)
0001000: [ide:findinfiles] Out of bounds crash on Find in Files (redj)
0000996: [ide:buildsystem] Remaining troubles with .ec modules containing spaces (redj)
0001009: [ide] Ignore new errors about target failing to build from newer make 3.82.90 (redj)
0001017: [ecere] how to let EditBox work with autoSize=true and multiLine=true (redj)
0000859: [installer] Automatic git commit info (redj)
0001019: [ecere] System buttons are gone when maximized with nativeDecorations = false (jerome)
0001023: [ecere] Thumb dragging is broken on very large file (jerome)
0000997: [ecere] HTTPFile -- browser hanging (jerome)
0000991: [installer] Provide a proper GDB, without Python and its dependencies (jerome)
0000108: [compiler] Consequential cast ignored; (char*)p + ((unsigned short)-page_free); subtracts instead of adds (jerome)
0000071: [compiler] Casting to base struct generates an extra referencing operator (jerome)
0000840: [compiler] Chaining Instance::OnSerialize/OnUnserialize does not work (Tested with Container within Containers) (jerome)
0000839: [compiler] Make OpenRider use OnSerialize/OnUnserialize (jerome)
0001011: [compiler] Bad reference level within OnUnserialize for StringBTNode object [Crash in MedDB sample] (jerome)
0001010: [ecere] Bad reference level of uintptr data types [Crash in MedDB sample] (jerome)
0000653: [compiler] Map with generic type fails to instantiate when no space between the two generic definitions (>>) (jerome)
0001008: [compiler] Sudden errors building tarball ( [ Lexer mix up during translation unit parsing ] (jerome)
0000141: [compiler] Not enough arguments warnings (jerome)
0001006: [ide] Crash on closing a file importing "ecereCOM" (jerome)
0001004: [ide:debugger] initial step over will ask for source file location twice on windows (redj)
0000998: [ide] Paste (Ctrl-V / Shift-Insert) on watches goes to EditBox (redj)
0000647: [compiler:eda] Use Database::Commit() and Begin() to speed up initial database setup (ecs/db) (redj)
0000995: [ide:debugger] Invalid Breakpoint numbers; Alt-F10 - Run To cursor at same level Skipping breakpoint not working (redj)
0000968: [ide] toggle breakpoint in file with same name with two projects in workspace will set bp in wrong project/file half the time (redj)
0001003: [ide:debugger] multiple issues related to file path handling and breakpoints; toggling, showing icons, multiple bp unwanted continuation (redj)
0000999: [ide:debugger] run to cursor at same level implementation with breakpoints can be very slow; use gdb until and advance instead (redj)
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Released 2013-08-30
0000960: [ecere] HTTPFile -- browser crashes (jerome)
0000823: [ide:debugger] Watch 64bit wackiness (jerome)
0000715: [ecere] Background / OpenGL (jerome)
0000906: [ecere] add runtime option to ecere's memory manager pooling (redj)
0000897: [ide] valgrind integration (redj)
0000986: [ide:debugger] More troubles with initial internal breakpoints (redj)
0000975: [ide:buildsystem] Spaces don't work at all for files anymore, not even resources (This used to work!) (redj)
0000993: [ide] ide can't build (ctrl+f7) a file that is present in 2 projects and excluded in one of them (redj)
0000773: [documentor] How can we run only one F1 documentor program ? (jerome)
0000959: [ide] Link errors showing as : "Linker errorundefined reference to"... (redj)
0000757: [ide] Modalness of reload dialog boxes is broken (redj)
0000973: [ide:buildsystem] Revert -L rather than -Wl,--library-path (redj)
0000982: [ide] Troubles with breakpoints (redj)
0000990: [ide] Escape to get rid of autocomplete popups also repositions windows (jerome)
0000440: [documentor] Selection, Delete, Replace Cut/Copy/Paste in documentor (jerome)
0000866: [documentor] Selection, Delete, Replace Cut/Copy/Paste in documentor (jerome)
0000984: [ide:debugger] Stepping inside ecere.dll is not working (jerome)
0000985: [ide:debugger] The IDE hangs upon launching a gdb.exe that is present, but missing a dll (jerome)
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Released 2013-08-10
0000332: [ide] Debugger Breakpoints Jammed (Initial Step over...)
0000844: [ecere] Lock-ups with clickThrough while things are changing (consequential mouse moves? Scrolling, Selection/Changing forms...) (jerome)
0000093: [ide] Auto Complete / Parameters list bug (jerome)
0000969: [ide] copy pasting libraries and include / library dirs from command line format (redj)
0000948: [ide:debugger] ide hangs (with full cpu usage) on f5 in valgrind integration mode if valgrind is not installed (redj)
0000666: [ide:debugger] files with a hyphen that don't open from call stack view (redj)
0000938: [ide:debugger] gdb doesn't hit on a breakpoint in the beginning of main in when a bp is placed inside __ecere_COM_Initialize (redj)
0000860: [installer] Update GCC/GDB to TDM-GCC/MinGW 64... (jerome)
0000980: [tarball] Update the Bootstrap and i18n templates (jerome)
0000855: [installer] Add for gnurx-0: C:\Program Files (x86)\ECERE SDK\mingw\bin (jerome)
0000981: [installer] installer: Messed up paths (jerome)
0000781: [installer] Windows installer not setting correct path for documentation (jerome)
0000937: [tarball] Don't attempt to run UPX on Win64 (jerome)
0000971: [ide] the interface between the call stack panel and the ide is weird and too complicated for nothing (redj)
0000970: [ide] import folder crash on testing name conflicts for folders (redj)
0000966: [ide] Cascade / Tile should probably take into account Toolbox & Project View (jerome)
0000965: [ide] Activating the Call Stack resizes the Code editor if Cascaded (jerome)
0000798: [ide:debugger] When GDB is lost, the watches stay rather than the output view coming back (jerome)
0000780: [ide:debugger] layout of IDE windows can't be restored after program stopped from menu Debug/Stop (jerome)
0000535: [ide:debugger] Implement a fall-back for failing watch evaluations (jerome)
0000954: [ide:debugger] Watch on a big double giving wrong value (jerome)
0000899: [ide] The IDE lets you create a project in a non-existent directory (jerome)
0000956: [ide:settings] Global Settings - SYSROOT Browsing should be for a folder (jerome)
0000976: [ide:autocomplete] When parameters tooltip is on, double clicking to select a word doesn't work (Tooltip flickers) (jerome)
0000672: [ide] Can no longer have both parameter & members list together at same time (jerome)
0000338: [ide] Parameters Popup dissappearing after typing comma: (jerome)
0000818: [ide:propertysheet] Counter-intuitive that the selected option in the dropdown is the least-bright one. (jerome)
0000962: [ide:designer] form designer: scrollArea = { 216, 95 }, (jerome)
0000964: [ide:designer] form designer: Set clientSize by default ? (jerome)
0000963: [ide:designer] form designer: background is saying active border again on new Form! (jerome)
0000961: [ide:designer] form designer; changing font size twice crashes (jerome)
0000670: [ecere] 255.f (valid float) and 255f (invalid float) are not highlighted properly (jerome)
0000958: [ide] Global Settings - Resizing - edit box lags behind with previous size (jerome)
0000972: [ide:autocomplete] Crash on XML tags (jerome)
0000849: [ecere] SavingDataBox default size (jerome)
0000955: [ecere] EditBox: Undo is broken with Overwrite on when replacing selection (jerome)
0000979: [ide] Project Settings: Working directory not being changed (jerome)
0000945: [ecere] FileDialog behavior on undo with paths outside current directory (jerome)
0000710: [installer] missing icons in PathBox for install location (jerome)
0000328: [installer] ListBox: Row index when rows above are expanded ? Installer CheckBoxes (jerome)
0000711: [installer] move eda, vanilla and extras into additional (jerome)
0000716: [installer] 3DS Viewer in IDE / Default association (jerome)
0000706: [installer] compare CheckListBox against extras/CheckListBox (jerome)
0000708: [ecere] gui update bugs (drawing) (jerome)
0000977: [ecere] Clickthrough lockup in Installer (jerome)
0000978: [ecere] Crash compiling wsmsSchema (jerome)
0000843: [ecere] Open single file from IDE, notice the missing document min/max/close buttons (jerome)
0000139: [compiler] enumeration continuity when inheriting off another enum is broken (jerome)
0000891: [tarball] Rename our git repository from 'sdk' to 'ecere-sdk' (jerome)
0000140: [compiler] Declaring an eC struct as a C struct in the parameters, a pointer declarator is being added (jerome)
0000974: [compiler] Support for: String s; s.OnGetString() (jerome)
0000951: [compiler] Crash on overriding virtual method with both ; and body { } (jerome)
0000015: [ide] Call Stack displays / errors from bison/flex files appear with the right line number, but the wrong .ec extension (jerome)
0000144: [ide] IDE creating Makefiles with incorrect directories (redj)
0000156: [ide] Look for a solution to spaces in project dir / name, or don't let the user create it (CRASHES now!) (jerome)
0000157: [ecere] PrintLn with a big int64 does not display higher bit (jerome)
0000161: [ecere] Add a timer to RepositionDesktop in X driver (redj)
0000244: [ide] Attempting to watch a TimeStamp by casting to uint64 crashes (jerome)
0000250: [compiler] OnGetString etc. working on only int and uint ? (jerome)
0000269: [ecere] Using PrintLn to print out pointer values of NOHEAD classes is broken (jerome)
0000294: [ide] Licensing abiding (jerome)
0000479: [ide] ide: build: bad linker error (jerome)
0000324: [ide] & in project name (redj)
0000330: [ide] Empty object dir: Adds a / (redj)
0000347: [ide] double a; a.OnGetString Not working (jerome)
0000424: [ide] Path seperator (/ vs \) confusion in Global Settings / Project / Default object paths... (jerome)
0000450: [ide] ide: find in files: Filter/Find what conflict in Find in Files dialog (redj)
0000452: [compiler] runtime: uint32 & OnGetString ends up calling Signed Integer, serialNumber.OnGetString(rootPath, null, null); (jerome)
0000522: [ide] ide: project settings: additional include dirs problems - .\ cannot be added as a dir (redj)
0000530: [ide] In compiler output, relative paths for added projects sometimes go before the messages (jerome)
0000540: [ide] ide: find in files: After New Project, Still defaults to 'Directory' (redj)
0000549: [ide] Trying to compile a header file gives a confusing error (redj)
0000553: [ide] ide: autocomplete: Crash on 'menu = {' (jerome)
0000557: [ide:buildsystem] ide: makefile generation: Additional libraries in config: order in makefile doesn't match order in ListBox (redj)
0000564: [ide:buildsystem] implement a way to specify custom compiler flags [ compiler and project level ] (redj)
0000607: [compiler] Compile errors with 'In File Included From' , the ..\ appears before 'In File ...' (redj)
0000610: [ide] Add double-click open support to Find in files (redj)
0000629: [ide] New project shouldn't close current project until you click Ok (redj)
0000631: [ide] Right click / compile on instance.c is NOT building the right thing? (redj)
0000651: [ide] Pressing escape on another output tab aborts a find (Build or Debug) (redj)
0000660: [documentor] can't add text. able to click [add text] but only get a cursor. can't type text in any field. (jerome)
0000661: [ide:findinfiles] Find in files does not match folder names anymore (didn't it use to?) (redj)
0000677: [ide] Support a way to disable -ffast-math per file (redj)
0000735: [ide:buildsystem] Libraries order and platform specific libraries (redj)
0000689: [ide] NodeProperties: bad value in path for resource folders in installer.epj (redj)
0000691: [ide:parsing] class definition inside preprocessor if with import and class not found (jerome)
0000692: [ide] project -> clean is not clean enough. lingering .sym symbols files or other difficulties can create bad binaries on build (redj)
0000693: [ide:debugger] issues with using breakpoints with conditional expression, stack depth and ignore count (redj)
0000695: [ide] Skipping breakpoints is NOT usable (redj)
0000696: [ide] Hitting Project/Clean while debugging app puts the debugger in an unusable state (redj)
0000697: [ide] Bringing up system menu (Alt-Space) while searching in files jams the IDE (jerome)
0000698: [ide] Per Config/Platform target type does not seem to work (redj)
0000874: [tarball] when building libec again the precompiled files are always re-compiled because they are re-copied each time (redj)
0000702: [ide] check project with resource files that have a $ in their file name (redj)
0000703: [ide] add Tao of Programming to Help menu (redj)
0000704: [ide] add key folders (samples, extras and doc) to Help menu (redj)
0000705: [ide] add link to ecere/forums url to Help menu (redj)
0000707: [toolchain] weird errors with -j 8: e.g. strip (jerome)
0000720: [installer] Update GDB, Report stepping bugs! (jerome)
0000723: [tarball] cross-build for Windows on Linux (jerome)
0000728: [installer] setting the path variable is messed up with mingw/bin twice and mingw/bin/bin (jerome)
0000729: [eda:driver:sqlite] use installed sqlite library on linux. debian policy requirement. (redj)
0000731: [portable] ide/documentor batch files cannot be used in a path containing spaces (redj)
0000736: [ide] Quick Project broken? (jerome)
0000799: [ide] When Adding Project to workspace, use selected config if available! (redj)
0000739: [ide:buildsystem] platform specific exclusion if blocks are not added around rule of single files when ex/inclusion is specific to the file (redj)
       0000738: [ide:buildsystem] Files with same names / different platform exclusions: multiple rules without platform ifs (redj)
0000802: [ide] Why doesn't this open in Build output (redj)
0000734: [ecere] Editbox and scrollbar visibility bug
0000803: [ide] Open Project, Project/New , Cancel --> IDE Still keeps title with old project (redj)
0000825: [ide] Crash on deleting a project config! (jerome)
0000737: [ide] Finding file to build in workspace projects & platform exclusions (F7 / Ctrl-F7) (redj)
0000813: [ide] When using 'import folder', no messages popup on conflicting files (redj)
0000812: [ide] Should not let you add the 'exact same' files twice (redj)
0000811: [buildsystem] Be a bit smarter when setting . as target dir (redj)
0000810: [ide] IDE: 'In file included from' messages not showing in IDE (jerome)
0000809: [ide] Trim spaces around paths in compiler settings/project settings (redj)
0000806: [ide] Find In Files: Finding by filename should let you double-click/enter ot open (redj)
0000805: [ide] Check file with $ in project (Excluded or removed for GCC C++ stuff) (redj)
0000801: [ide:debugger] In a main project, if target is set to Shared Library, can't toggle breakpoint (redj)
0000794: [ide] allow specifying custom compiler / linker flags (redj)
0000790: [ide:parsing] ide code parsing crash for with git confilct markers (jerome)
0000779: [ide:designer] Drag a derived UI control into other control in designer would always cause IDE crashed. (jerome)
0000778: [ide:buildsystem] Mixes of " " and escaped spaces do not play well together in makefile/compiler configs (redj)
0000777: [ide] Glitches in the new Debug Precompile/Compile Feature (redj)
0000775: [ide:buildsystem] Linker Options are broken (redj)
0000774: [ide:parsing] ide crash on parsing very long string literals (jerome)
0000766: [ide] no right click key support (jerome)
0000765: [ide:buildsystem] Confusion between Host and Target in Cross-Platform Makefiles (Exclusions!) (redj)
0000763: [ide] When reloading added project, config often reverts to something else (jerome)
0000760: [ec] eC: indirection level confusion (jerome)
0000759: [ide:autocomplete] Overriding virtual methods is buggy (jerome)
0000758: [ecere] Scrolling past line 90930 (e.g. sqlite3.c) causes scrollbar thumb to disappear (jerome)
0000756: [ide] When reloading both a source (.ec) and project (.epj) file at once (e.g. with git checkout), IDE crashes (jerome)
0000755: [ide:debugger] Asking for location for, even though selecting the proposed path work (jerome)
0000748: [ide:debugger] Breakpoints issues when using Run to cursor together with breakpoints (redj)
0000747: [buildsystem] make the project files (.epj) and makefiles compiler independent (redj)
0000746: [ide:buildsystem] When a file is in multiple projects within workspace, only first exclusion is currently checked when compiling (jerome)
0000745: [ide:buildsystem] build Output shows target name instead of project name (niraj)
0000744: [buildsystem] support adding to LIBS in compiler configuration (redj)
0000743: [buildsystem] support optionally forcing 32 and 64 bit in project settings (redj)
0000741: [ide] When selecting a directory in Global Settings, Default keeps going back to IDE's launch directory (redj)
0000861: [ide] Activate breakpoints upon loading of EDASQLite shared library (redj)
0000862: [ide] we need an ide -t mode, 'text' mode, so I can text edit .epj files (redj)
0000863: [ide] Support: PJ_LIST_H="pj_list.h" in preprocessor definitions (redj)
0000877: [ide] Support for Windows .rc files (redj)
0000879: [ide] IDE crashing on exit after having hit a segfault in debugged app (jerome)
0000880: [ide] Windows network relative paths do not go properly into recent files/project (redj)
0000881: [ide:propertysheet] Modifying a font size value is not working (64 bit) (jerome)
0000896: [ide] when removing project from workspace, active config selection drop box's list of choices is not updated (redj)
0000911: [ecere] Expose DropBox::GetRowCount() as a property (redj)
0000912: [ide:parsing] ide crash when parsing ecere/src/sys/ (jerome)
0000931: [ide] crash with PathBox on infinite loop when editing a path to change the drive letter. Windows-only (redj)
0000934: [ecere] EditBox::contents = x; // apparent leak due to recording undo actions (jerome)
0000936: [ide] parsing files with unknown file extension (redj)
0000939: [ide:debugger] breakpoints in library don't work if debug working dir is specified in workspace (when stripped lib file is present in said dir) (redj)
0000940: [ide] crash on ok in project settings dialog after adding a preprocessor definition to the debug config of ide.epj after parsing (jerome)
0000941: [ide:findinfiles] media files from find in files log output will open in code editor (redj)
0000943: [ide:findinfiles] empty quotes for search content criteria in "Searching" message -- i.e.: containing "" (redj)
0000944: [ide:parsing] Crash opening historic ecere.h (jerome)
0000946: [compiler] ecc: crash on Destroy{0}; aka function call with curlies instead of parentheses error (jerome)
0000947: [ide] support goto file and line by enter / dblclick from valgrind integration output (redj)
0000949: [ide] ide; crash on double click or enter for find in files output line; Found n match(es) in "file/path" (redj)
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Released 2013-04-22
0000675: [ide] Multi-line preprocessor definitions syntax highlighting is quirky when space precedes #define (jerome)
0000626: [ide] when closing ide if added project is modified, "do you want to save" message is wrong about main project name vs added project n (jerome)
0000624: [ide] Do we use the ' c preprocessor ' command yet? and it probably should default to gcc -E (is it -E?) rather than cpp (jerome)
0000623: [ide] error after the : , don't count as an error in summary's total (redj)
0000611: [ecere] Insert caret in front of keyword takes out blue (jerome)
0000606: [ecere] Highlight indentation from col 0 to start of line with 'home', and hit 'tab', 1 space instead of 3 inserted... (jerome)
0000526: [ide] ide: makefile generation: Automatically include -lstdc++ if any C++ file is included in the project (jerome)
0000682: [ide] After a debug/launch failed due to missing Dll, Debugger is in the 'running' state (redj)
0000457: [compiler] compiler: CATD already a typedef struct used inside a struct declaration (jerome)
0000788: [compiler:ecc] wrong declaration of Box box{0,0,0,0,100,100} will cause ecc crash (jerome)
0000764: [ide] Upon reloading a project, the makefile isn't regenerated (jerome)
0000247: [ecere] DualPipe.GetExitCode() fails after DualPipe.Wait() (jerome)
0000060: [compiler] Attempt to improve C compatibility to allow including header files defining uint data type (jerome)
0000489: [ide] ide: codeeditor: check if highlighting handles ' \' at end of single line comments properly (jerome)
0000511: [ide] Reloading of modified 'added' (e.g. shared libraries dependencies) projects & Hangs on reloading projects (redj)
0000665: [ide] "The input line is too long" on Clean with many files (400+?) (jerome)
0000117: [ide] cross-compiling: compiling windows binaries under linux (jerome)
0000084: [compiler] Defining virtual methods in classes inheriting from an intermediate classes crashes the compiler (jerome)
0000455: [compiler] compiler: extern int IMViewport_Invalidate(IMViewport * viewport, IMiExtent const * extent); : const not parsing here? (jerome)
0000310: [ide] Support for __attribute__((warning("uh oh"))) (jerome)
0000487: [compiler] compiler: anchor = { left = 116 = 248 } crashes ecp (jerome)
0000471: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: crashes with floating point watches , 2e-016 (jerome)
0000638: [ide] Adding lines does not cause line numbers to be updated ( no scroll bar ) (jerome)
0000645: [ide] Per file Optimization setting is not working! (jerome)
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Released 2013-03-27
0000588: [ide] The currently selected in project 'config name' appears in the log AGAIN! (jerome)
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Released 2013-03-10
0000171: [ide] Watch crash: (t % (60*60)) / 60 (64bit) (jerome)
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Released 2012-08-16
0000164: [ecere] Properly Integrate Newly Developed Controls (jerome)
0000625: [ide] Why does hitting 'browse' on the 'make' toolchain item, brings me to an inexisting dir called c:\windows\system32\mingw32-make (jerome)
0000636: [ide] EPJ files don't have ending new lines (jerome)
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A new Windows installer w/MinGW,
PPA (First fully-working Debian/Ubuntu packages for both 32 and 64 bit),
Internationalization (Chinese, Spanish translations)
0000500: [ecere] fixups (jerome)
0000349: [ide] Cannot evaluate when in v3 and no sym file? Can we with ecereCOM.dll present?
0000546: [ide] Crash upon exit after closing the debugged app's console
0000082: [ide] Implement add entire folder and its contents with proper hierarchy to project
0000437: pre-release 3 of 0.44 is not ready yet (0.44pre3)
0000072: [compiler] Straighten out passing whether passing by address or value any_object / typed_object (jerome)
0000155: [documentor] Temporary patch for a fixed path in Documentor (mothdragon)
0000175: [compiler] String doesn't add * to all pointers (jerome)
0000235: [compiler] eAR needs a quiet switch (redj)
0000281: [compiler] Preprocessor errors such as missing header files cause cryptic error messages (redj)
0000429: pre-release 2 of 0.44 is not ready yet (0.44pre2) (redj)
0000446: [documentor] documentor: ecdoc path reliability (jerome)
0000447: [documentor] documentor: add text: fix weird bugs/hangs/crashes, missing text and garbage text (jerome)
0000006: [ide] Auto-indenting (thexa4)
0000020: [ide] Support post-build actions (redj)
0000076: [ide] Auto-indentation, same indentation as current line when pressing enter if not in free caret mode (thexa4)
0000083: [ide] Project Settings Dialog / Add per configuration "Exclude from build" option to both folders and files (including resources) (redj)
0000410: [compiler] libec will make the IDE crash for missing nullcheck on _class.dataTypeString in line 3815 (redj)
0000480: [compiler] toolchain: makefiles: makefile structure and tools. clean up code in (redj)
0000563: [compiler] ctrl+a (jerome)
0000649: [compiler] i18n improvements (jerome)
0000149: [ide] Anchor Values revert in Property editor (jerome)
0000167: [ide] Sometimes the IDE Find dialog keeps projects in there (projects there 2x) (redj)
0000168: [ide] When using Default compiler, do not prefix Makefiles with -Default- (redj)
0000169: [ide] Adding a file to a project ( is it multi project specific? ) doesn't regenerate makefile (redj)
0000170: [ide] F10 doesn't build first - should build if not debugging already... (redj)
0000172: [ide] On closing file, take out modified star from project view (redj)
0000226: [ide] Integrated Debugger is broken on Linux in 0.44d2 (jerome)
0000253: [ide] add "null" to (thexa4)
0000254: [ide] add support for additional web documents to and appropriate file dialogs (redj)
0000267: [ide] Pressing escape to close the Find in files dialog aborts an ongoing search (redj)
0000279: [ide] Bad things happening in the IDE: Property sheet, FileDialog, etc. (jerome)
0000280: [ide] Launching the IDE from an (empty) EPJ association stalls the IDE (redj)
0000299: [ide] Ecere Mesh object does not support per-vertex color (jerome)
0000318: [ide] String shouldn't be a normal Class (jerome)
0000320: [ide] Editor Ctrl Delete (thexa4)
0000392: [ide] Project menu needs shortcuts (thexa4)
0000393: [ide] Select All moves view to the end of the file (thexa4)
0000396: [ide] Major bug in Adding additional include directories (redj)
0000397: [ide] Deleting a line in the middle of additional libraries (jerome)
0000398: [ide] Specifying a library path ( -L ) with C:/ (e.g. C:/OpenSSL) does not work (jerome)
0000407: [ide] unable to compile single file (Ctrl+F7) if obj path contains windows style path separators (redj)
0000409: [ide] build of an added project will crash if you delete it's node (using keyboard) before the end of compilation (redj)
0000412: [ide] 0.43 Installer does not work on Windows 7 (redj)
0000414: [ide] IDE crash during compilation on config file modifed by other IDE (redj)
0000415: [ide] cryptic error message on single file compile if file is excluded from build config (redj)
0000417: [ide] rebuild/relink with config-less project doesn't work (redj)
0000435: [ide] right click build while in debug session: session is ended without confirmation (redj)
0000436: [ide] project settings seriously broken: additional directory not showing bold in compiler/linker tab (jerome)
0000449: [ide] ide: new project: project filename loses extension (jerome)
0000453: [ide] ide: new project: updating of the path with the name and the dialog needs a few fixes (redj)
0000454: [ide] ide: debugger: adding files in project directories: debugger is broken (redj)
0000463: [ide] ide: find in files: IDE Crash in a Find in Files (Happened once out of many!) (redj)
0000464: [ide] ide: project settings: additional include dirs problems (redj)
0000466: [ide] ide: build: Fix up modified and rebuilding behavior (jerome)
0000468: [ide] ide: Path box improvements and browse object dir everywere (jerome)
0000469: [ide] ide: Key state lights not working (jerome)
0000493: [ide] ide: When loading main project fails, don't modify workspace!! (redj)
0000498: [ide] ide: find in files: open files, browse to folder on non eC files (redj)
0000504: [ide] ide: Message box when Ctrl-F7 a file not in project (redj)
0000516: [ide] Scrolling Issues related to Line Numbers (thexa4)
0000517: [ide] Auto Indenting Quirks (thexa4)
0000518: [ide] debugger: Protocol errors on Linix (gdb 7.1-ubuntu) (redj)
0000523: [ide] ide: project settings: Need to make it obvious when a project node is selected (redj)
0000527: [ide] Left overs in project files (Empty arrays) (jerome)
0000529: [ide] Linker settings broken since patch to reselect node in Compiler settings after passing by Linker tab (redj)
0000531: [ide] Adding multiple files at once including a conflicting file name does not give a warning (redj)
0000533: [ide] Adding the Ecere.epj to the workspace on a new project is b0rk3d (redj)
0000541: [ide] not allowed to replace immediately. (jerome)
0000543: [ide] Makefile generation: 'else if' not supported on make < 3.80 (redj)
0000544: [ide] epj2make is broken beyond all recognition (jerome)
0000548: [ide] Crash when playing in Global Settings then Regenerate Makefile (redj)
0000550: [ide] Breakpoint Crash (redj)
0000551: [ide] ide: Migrate GlobalSettings to JSON (jerome)
0000554: [ide] ide: global settings: compilers: remove compiler will crash the ide (redj)
0000555: [ide] ide: cross-compiling: improve Compilers tab in Global Settings and add use wine to run program option (redj)
0000556: [ide] hotKey crashes IDE (jerome)
0000559: [ide] Right click build on added project while in a debug session: Debug menus lose all options (redj)
0000581: [ide] Things go bad when adding same project twice in workspace (jerome)
0000560: [ide] ide: crash while closing many files rapidly (redj)
0000561: [ide] ide (ecere runtime): global settings: failing reload of settings while file is locked by other IDE instance. (redj)
0000577: [ide] Reclicking/drag directory in Global Settings paths list to move, Then reclick to edit (redj)
0000592: [ide] Debugger is badly broken (redj)
0000595: [ide] Editing a font, Turning on 'bold' to true changes 'underline' instead (jerome)
0000622: [ide] SelectorBar insert is broken (redj)
0000656: [ide] Crash in GlobalSettingsDialog / Compilers Tab on second Destroy (jerome)
0000657: [ide] Crash in GlobalSettingsDialog deleting 2 compilers in a row (jerome)
0000664: [ide] Close IDE while project settings is up: boom (jerome)
0000667: [ide] Adding a new file to project, Ctrl-F7 doesn't build (Need to regenerate makefile first) (jerome)
0000673: [ide] Line numbers don't get updated on added/removed lines after the cursor (redj)
0000679: [ide] Linux: Deleting breakpoints from Breakpoints Panel crashes (jerome)
0000680: [ide] Deleting watch value with 'del' requires enter being pressed (jerome)
0000100: [ecere] Bitmap image wont load properly as a resource (Image attached) (jerome)
0000159: [ecere] Build a static version of the SDK to run on 64 bit system (jerome)
0000160: [ecere] PrintString and char * not working (jerome)
0000162: [ecere] Menus stuck on Alt (jerome)
0000190: [ecere] SetData / GetData parameters / return value not straightward (jerome)
0000197: [ecere] Open, open, close, close Freeze (jerome)
0000233: [ecere] adding a new setting in an existing section will not write the setting in the configuration file (jerome)
0000237: [ecere] Bunch of errors "Error: Redefinition of class XXXXXX" showing up while building the 2nd pass compile tools on Linux (jerome)
0000313: [ecere] On Linux, "Browse Project Folder" doesn't (patch included) (redj)
0000408: [ecere] When a tab controls is already created, adding new tabs to it does not create (show) the tab button for the new tab (redj)
0000420: [ecere] changing the text property of a Tab instance will not update the button in the TabControl (redj)
0000421: [ecere] make _PrintBuf ( public and rename it to PrintStdArgsToBuffer (redj)
0000426: [ecere] deps/freetype upgrade, Harfbuzz upgrade, Proper Right to left support (jerome)
0000451: [installer] Test Installer as non-admin (redj)
0000512: [ecere] Native Window Decorations (jerome)
0000521: [ecere] unable to add a new setting value to config file (as ShowLineNumbers doesn't save in IDE) (redj)
0000520: [ecere] Multi line paste in Single line edit box problems and Undo (thexa4)
0000597: [ecere] EditBox Undo Bug (jerome)
0000669: [ecere] ShellOpen use of gnome-open, kde-open, ecere explorer, MIME, etc (redj)
0000565: [ide:buildsystem] implement a way to specify linker options (link flags) (redj)
0000566: [ide:buildsystem] always specify linker option --no-undefined under linux (redj)
0000567: [ide:buildsystem] use fvisibility=hidden compiler option on .ec files only (redj)
0000568: [ide] -c in a library name is confusing the build output parsing in the IDE (redj)
0000569: [ide:buildsystem] distinction between actual library and object file is too simplistic (redj)
0000570: [ide:settings] when you go back to the Global Settings dialog, the selected Compiler is (none) (redj)
0000589: [ide:debugger] debugger stopped without confirmation when trying to build other project configuration (redj)
0000634: [ide:debugger] Endless Loop: Debugger is stuck if not pressing f5 after a Stop (shift-f5) (redj)
0000571: [ide:buildsystem] platform-specific exclusions of folders isn't working (redj)
0000572: [ide:buildsystem] implement support for $(config),$(platform),$(project),$(compiler) in additional dirs (redj)
0000573: [ecere] implement JSON / driver based global settings (redj)
0000574: [ide:buildsystem] implement post-build commands (redj)
0000575: [ide:buildsystem] implement pre-build commands (redj)
0000578: [ide:buildsystem] makefiles must deal with windows command line lenght limitation when calling del/copy/etc (redj)
0000579: [ide:buildsystem] having sameName.c and sameName.cpp is not possible (.ec/.c/.cpp/.cc/.cxx) (name collisions) (redj)
0000582: [ide:buildsystem] makefile variable names are case sensitive and variable names migration (redj)
0000145: [ecere] IDE StackOverflow due to link = SearchModule(subModule.module, name, listOffset, searchPrivate /*false*/); change (jerome)
0000248: [ecere] IDE crashes in a couple spots reproducably (jerome)
0000272: [ide] Opening a file crashed (jerome)
0000416: [ide] project settings dlg: cannot uncheck console/comress in a config if it is checked in the common options (redj)
0000462: [ide] ide: project settings: Excluding a file in Common, reincluding in Platform: File isn't used! (redj)
0000583: [ide:settings] if settings file is not found, default compiler is missing (since JSON settings) (redj)
0000730: [portable] recent file and project open locations as well as recently opened files are not properly handled to be portable (redj)
0000146: [ide] Truncated values for opacity in Property/Form Editor (jerome)
0000173: [ide] Nothing actually modifies Target in epj ? Stuck with old project name ... (jerome)
0000203: [ecere] Check if any repercusions of commenting out fflush here in File::Puts (jerome)
0000438: [buildbot] release 0.44 of Ecere SDK (jerome)
0000339: [ide] Typing right in form editor doesn't make its way to the Text property (jerome)
0000384: [ide] Reorganize Grammar Layout, ensure all destructors are there (type.y, expression.y) (jerome)
0000483: [ecere] runtime: weird visual behavior then crash ( or window with displayDriver set) (jerome)
0000086: [ide] Resources path does not work when Resources dir is outside project dir (jerome)
0000220: [ide] Freezing IDE - Form Editor with isModal = true (jerome)
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