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0000285Ecere SDKidepublic2014-07-09 03:30
Reportermothdragon Assigned Tojerome  
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Target Version0.44.10 64Fixed in Version0.44.10 64 
Summary0000285: Resolution on Wide Screen Monitor causes minimization of window
DescriptionIn a class derived from GUIApplication, when setting resolution=res640x480 or any other resolution and fullscreen=true, the application minimizes to the start bar upon starting the application. When resuming the application by clicking on its name in the start bar the application may run normally, or may restore and minimize again immediately, but eventually will run normally. This only seems to be true on my widescreen monitor on my Gateway laptop. Running Windows XP Service Pack 2. This can be worked around by setting the size or clientSize of the Window derived class to the desired size, but obviously this doesn't change the resolution.
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2009-11-22 20:11

reporter   ~0000130

I forgot to mention that I'm using the Tablet Edition of Windows XP and my default resolution is 1280x768


2009-11-22 20:18

reporter   ~0000131

Further testing, proves that this issue only happens when the application is run from within the Ecere IDE.


2014-02-19 15:52

administrator   ~0001187

This was caused by the debugging IDE being re-activated upon receiving a WM_DISPLAYCHANGE notification. I believe that particular issue was already fixed, but remaining issues such as coming back unmaximized if it was previously maximized was addressed by:


2014-07-09 03:30

administrator   ~0001360

Corrected that last fix by:

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