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0000986Ecere SDKide:debuggerpublic2013-08-24 09:192013-08-30 03:55
Assigned Toredj 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.44.08 
Target Version0.44.09Fixed in Version0.44.09 
Summary0000986: More troubles with initial internal breakpoints
Description- Stepping out of eModule_Load() from eModule_Load(module, "ecere", publicAccess); in causes the program to just continue

- Stepping out of main() leaves the debugger confused
GDB said ^error,msg="\"finish\" not meaningful in the outermost frame."
We should just be doing a continue in this case to avoid the problem, but I'm also concerned about how the Debugger can get in this confused state, just like 0000982: the GDB command said 'error', so why did we lose our call stack, threads and location cursors if GDB never said it was 'running'?
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- Relationships
related to 0000938closedredj gdb doesn't hit on a breakpoint in the beginning of main in when a bp is placed inside __ecere_COM_Initialize 
related to 0000982closedredj Troubles with breakpoints 
related to 0000995closedredj Invalid Breakpoint numbers; Alt-F10 - Run To cursor at same level Skipping breakpoint not working 

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jerome (administrator)
2013-08-29 05:15
edited on: 2013-08-29 21:44

Some more breakpoint errors:

In SetBreakpoint() (

On this line:

if(bpItem.multipleBPs && bpItem.multipleBPs.count)

I got a null bpItem

  0 Debugger_SetBreakpoint Method, src\debugger\
  1 Debugger_GdbBreakpointsInsert Method, src\debugger\
  2 Debugger_GdbExecCommon Method, src\debugger\
  3 Debugger_GdbExecContinue Method, src\debugger\
  4 Debugger_EventHit Method, src\debugger\
  5 __ecereInstMeth___ecereNameSpace__ecere__gui__Timer_DelayExpired__00000000 Function, src\debugger\

I put in a patch: [^]

But please take a look to see if there is a deeper problem.

What is likely to be the cause of this null pointer was filed as 0000995

jerome (administrator)
2013-08-29 09:33
edited on: 2013-08-29 09:35

Another interesting bug...
If you use the latest version of Documentor with the communication thread...
You put a breakpoint on line 3768:

console.GetLine(command, sizeof(command));

- hit F5
- hit F10

You end up in here:

   void InternalModuleLoadBreakpoint()
> }

Call stack:

  0 InternalModuleLoadBreakpoint Function, src\com\instance.c:557
  1 __ecereNameSpace__ecere__com__Module_Load Function, src\com\
  2 __ecereNameSpace__ecere__com__eModule_LoadStrict Function, src\com\
  3 ImportModule Function, src\
  4 MainForm_OpenModule Method, src\
  5 MainForm_OnPostCreate Method, src\
  6 __ecereNameSpace__ecere__gui__Window_Create Method, src\gui\
  7 __ecereNameSpace__ecere__gui__GuiApplication_Main Method, src\gui\
  8 main Function, obj\debug.win32\

fun fun fun!

This is actually from the modules that Documentor is loading...
Not sure if this would be easy to address, if the fundamental logic could be improved without putting in a hack to handle this special module loading thing? I'm guessing we could encounter this in the compiler as well so it should probably be handled...

jerome (administrator)
2013-08-30 03:54

All fixed by [^]

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