Released 2013-04-22
0000675: [ide] Multi-line preprocessor definitions syntax highlighting is quirky when space precedes #define (jerome)
0000626: [ide] when closing ide if added project is modified, "do you want to save" message is wrong about main project name vs added project n (jerome)
0000624: [ide] Do we use the ' c preprocessor ' command yet? and it probably should default to gcc -E (is it -E?) rather than cpp (jerome)
0000623: [ide] error after the : , don't count as an error in summary's total (redj)
0000611: [ecere] Insert caret in front of keyword takes out blue (jerome)
0000606: [ecere] Highlight indentation from col 0 to start of line with 'home', and hit 'tab', 1 space instead of 3 inserted... (jerome)
0000526: [ide] ide: makefile generation: Automatically include -lstdc++ if any C++ file is included in the project (jerome)
0000682: [ide] After a debug/launch failed due to missing Dll, Debugger is in the 'running' state (redj)
0000457: [compiler] compiler: CATD already a typedef struct used inside a struct declaration (jerome)
0000788: [compiler:ecc] wrong declaration of Box box{0,0,0,0,100,100} will cause ecc crash (jerome)
0000764: [ide] Upon reloading a project, the makefile isn't regenerated (jerome)
0000247: [ecere] DualPipe.GetExitCode() fails after DualPipe.Wait() (jerome)
0000060: [compiler] Attempt to improve C compatibility to allow including header files defining uint data type (jerome)
0000489: [ide] ide: codeeditor: check if highlighting handles ' \' at end of single line comments properly (jerome)
0000511: [ide] Reloading of modified 'added' (e.g. shared libraries dependencies) projects & Hangs on reloading projects (redj)
0000665: [ide] "The input line is too long" on Clean with many files (400+?) (jerome)
0000117: [ide] cross-compiling: compiling windows binaries under linux (jerome)
0000084: [compiler] Defining virtual methods in classes inheriting from an intermediate classes crashes the compiler (jerome)
0000455: [compiler] compiler: extern int IMViewport_Invalidate(IMViewport * viewport, IMiExtent const * extent); : const not parsing here? (jerome)
0000310: [ide] Support for __attribute__((warning("uh oh"))) (jerome)
0000487: [compiler] compiler: anchor = { left = 116 = 248 } crashes ecp (jerome)
0000471: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: crashes with floating point watches , 2e-016 (jerome)
0000638: [ide] Adding lines does not cause line numbers to be updated ( no scroll bar ) (jerome)
0000645: [ide] Per file Optimization setting is not working! (jerome)
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