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0000982Ecere SDKidepublic2013-08-28 17:26
Reporterjerome Assigned Toredj  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.44.08 
Target Version0.44.09Fixed in Version0.44.09 
Summary0000982: Troubles with breakpoints
Description- Seeing a 'Validate breakpoint error'
- The Debugged app is effectively paused (Break is disabled, Resume is enabled), but no call stack shows up, no code editor is opened
- 2 Resumes hit on a breakpoint
Steps To Reproduce- Open ide.epj
- Place breakpoints:

- Debug/Start the IDE, do Project/New, enter a directory/project name, click OK
- Notice the state described above
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related to 0000986 closedredj More troubles with initial internal breakpoints 
related to 0000333 closed Breakpoints not showing up next time reopening project but active 



2013-08-16 18:37

administrator   ~0000990

I don't seem to be seeing the 'Validate breakpoint error' anymore, but I definitely saw it before.

The breakpoint problem is still there. The debugging IDE doesn't even get focus, so it looks as if no breakpoint was encountered and the debugged IDE is just jammed.


2013-08-24 06:25

administrator   ~0000996

Last edited: 2013-08-24 06:32

Running the latest version from request here with your fixes...

I noticed when I first Debug/run WSMS , with ecere/EDA/EDASQLite all in debug in the workspace, I get:

Starting debug mode
Debugger Error: ValidateBreakpoint error
The program E:\Solutions\wsms\obj\debug.win32\wsms.exe has exited normally.

The next time around that error does not show up.

Could we please have a fix for that?

The breakpoint in question causing the error seems to be:


bp.type is internalModuleLoad
bp.function says "InternalModuleLoadBreakpoint"
and bp.line is 0

Are we missing a check in this ValidateBreakpoint that shouldn't apply to these internal breakpoints?


2013-08-24 06:38

administrator   ~0000997

I confirm the 'paused' state and 2 resumes portion of the issue does not happen anymore in this particular test case.


2013-08-24 11:47

administrator   ~0001002

Last edited: 2013-08-24 11:54

fixed by

SetBreakpoint will only use the first bp when (for whatever reason) multiple breakpoints are set on a single line in a specific file.
   for(n : bpItem.multipleBPs)
         first = n;
and when hitting breakpoints, debugger will only monitor/stop if the bp hit matches the address of the user breakpoint
   if(bpUser && strcmp(stopItem.frame.addr, bpUser.bp.addr))
      bpUser = null;


2013-08-24 14:20

administrator   ~0001003

remaining invalid ValidateBreakpoint message fixed by

ValidateBreakpoint will ignore breakpoints not set using a line number
if(modules && bp.line && bp.bp)

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