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0000592Ecere SDKidepublic2013-05-19 22:15
Reporterjerome Assigned Toredj  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.44 Ryoan-jiFixed in Version0.44 Ryoan-ji 
Summary0000592: Debugger is badly broken
DescriptionFirst time attempting to start debugging fails systematically

The Debug output says:

Debugger Error: No target process ID
Debugging stopped

(A message that previously appeared rarely, once in a while when the timing of waiting for the debugger took too long)
Steps To Reproduce- F5 debug the program (works)
- Recompile 1 file and build
- F5 (always fails)
Additional InformationThis could be related to the fact that after a while breakpoints stop working.
They still display in the IDE (they don't show as disabled, I don't recall seeing any messages in the log regarding them being disabled).

But the debugger doesn't stop on them anymore. Restarting the IDE and debugging again always fixes it.
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related to 0000589 closedredj debugger stopped without confirmation when trying to build other project configuration 
related to 0000435 closedredj right click build while in debug session: session is ended without confirmation 



2011-05-30 00:12

administrator   ~0000439;a=commit;h=15dd70a18ecbd8bdfccfd6ed2f179090f03de825


2011-06-06 02:15

administrator   ~0000442

Last edited: 2011-06-06 04:44

This broke switching config.
The first config ran as debug keeps running regardless of switching the config.

Fixed in:

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