Released 2013-08-10
0000332: [ide] Debugger Breakpoints Jammed (Initial Step over...)
0000844: [ecere] Lock-ups with clickThrough while things are changing (consequential mouse moves? Scrolling, Selection/Changing forms...) (jerome)
0000093: [ide] Auto Complete / Parameters list bug (jerome)
0000969: [ide] copy pasting libraries and include / library dirs from command line format (redj)
0000948: [ide:debugger] ide hangs (with full cpu usage) on f5 in valgrind integration mode if valgrind is not installed (redj)
0000666: [ide:debugger] files with a hyphen that don't open from call stack view (redj)
0000938: [ide:debugger] gdb doesn't hit on a breakpoint in the beginning of main in when a bp is placed inside __ecere_COM_Initialize (redj)
0000860: [installer] Update GCC/GDB to TDM-GCC/MinGW 64... (jerome)
0000980: [tarball] Update the Bootstrap and i18n templates (jerome)
0000855: [installer] Add for gnurx-0: C:\Program Files (x86)\ECERE SDK\mingw\bin (jerome)
0000981: [installer] installer: Messed up paths (jerome)
0000781: [installer] Windows installer not setting correct path for documentation (jerome)
0000937: [tarball] Don't attempt to run UPX on Win64 (jerome)
0000971: [ide] the interface between the call stack panel and the ide is weird and too complicated for nothing (redj)
0000970: [ide] import folder crash on testing name conflicts for folders (redj)
0000966: [ide] Cascade / Tile should probably take into account Toolbox & Project View (jerome)
0000965: [ide] Activating the Call Stack resizes the Code editor if Cascaded (jerome)
0000798: [ide:debugger] When GDB is lost, the watches stay rather than the output view coming back (jerome)
0000780: [ide:debugger] layout of IDE windows can't be restored after program stopped from menu Debug/Stop (jerome)
0000535: [ide:debugger] Implement a fall-back for failing watch evaluations (jerome)
0000954: [ide:debugger] Watch on a big double giving wrong value (jerome)
0000899: [ide] The IDE lets you create a project in a non-existent directory (jerome)
0000956: [ide:settings] Global Settings - SYSROOT Browsing should be for a folder (jerome)
0000976: [ide:autocomplete] When parameters tooltip is on, double clicking to select a word doesn't work (Tooltip flickers) (jerome)
0000672: [ide] Can no longer have both parameter & members list together at same time (jerome)
0000338: [ide] Parameters Popup dissappearing after typing comma: (jerome)
0000818: [ide:propertysheet] Counter-intuitive that the selected option in the dropdown is the least-bright one. (jerome)
0000962: [ide:designer] form designer: scrollArea = { 216, 95 }, (jerome)
0000964: [ide:designer] form designer: Set clientSize by default ? (jerome)
0000963: [ide:designer] form designer: background is saying active border again on new Form! (jerome)
0000961: [ide:designer] form designer; changing font size twice crashes (jerome)
0000670: [ecere] 255.f (valid float) and 255f (invalid float) are not highlighted properly (jerome)
0000958: [ide] Global Settings - Resizing - edit box lags behind with previous size (jerome)
0000972: [ide:autocomplete] Crash on XML tags (jerome)
0000849: [ecere] SavingDataBox default size (jerome)
0000955: [ecere] EditBox: Undo is broken with Overwrite on when replacing selection (jerome)
0000979: [ide] Project Settings: Working directory not being changed (jerome)
0000945: [ecere] FileDialog behavior on undo with paths outside current directory (jerome)
0000710: [installer] missing icons in PathBox for install location (jerome)
0000328: [installer] ListBox: Row index when rows above are expanded ? Installer CheckBoxes (jerome)
0000711: [installer] move eda, vanilla and extras into additional (jerome)
0000716: [installer] 3DS Viewer in IDE / Default association (jerome)
0000706: [installer] compare CheckListBox against extras/CheckListBox (jerome)
0000708: [ecere] gui update bugs (drawing) (jerome)
0000977: [ecere] Clickthrough lockup in Installer (jerome)
0000978: [ecere] Crash compiling wsmsSchema (jerome)
0000843: [ecere] Open single file from IDE, notice the missing document min/max/close buttons (jerome)
0000139: [compiler] enumeration continuity when inheriting off another enum is broken (jerome)
0000891: [tarball] Rename our git repository from 'sdk' to 'ecere-sdk' (jerome)
0000140: [compiler] Declaring an eC struct as a C struct in the parameters, a pointer declarator is being added (jerome)
0000974: [compiler] Support for: String s; s.OnGetString() (jerome)
0000951: [compiler] Crash on overriding virtual method with both ; and body { } (jerome)
0000015: [ide] Call Stack displays / errors from bison/flex files appear with the right line number, but the wrong .ec extension (jerome)
0000144: [ide] IDE creating Makefiles with incorrect directories (redj)
0000156: [ide] Look for a solution to spaces in project dir / name, or don't let the user create it (CRASHES now!) (jerome)
0000157: [ecere] PrintLn with a big int64 does not display higher bit (jerome)
0000161: [ecere] Add a timer to RepositionDesktop in X driver (redj)
0000244: [ide] Attempting to watch a TimeStamp by casting to uint64 crashes (jerome)
0000250: [compiler] OnGetString etc. working on only int and uint ? (jerome)
0000269: [ecere] Using PrintLn to print out pointer values of NOHEAD classes is broken (jerome)
0000294: [ide] Licensing abiding (jerome)
0000479: [ide] ide: build: bad linker error (jerome)
0000324: [ide] & in project name (redj)
0000330: [ide] Empty object dir: Adds a / (redj)
0000347: [ide] double a; a.OnGetString Not working (jerome)
0000424: [ide] Path seperator (/ vs \) confusion in Global Settings / Project / Default object paths... (jerome)
0000450: [ide] ide: find in files: Filter/Find what conflict in Find in Files dialog (redj)
0000452: [compiler] runtime: uint32 & OnGetString ends up calling Signed Integer, serialNumber.OnGetString(rootPath, null, null); (jerome)
0000522: [ide] ide: project settings: additional include dirs problems - .\ cannot be added as a dir (redj)
0000530: [ide] In compiler output, relative paths for added projects sometimes go before the messages (jerome)
0000540: [ide] ide: find in files: After New Project, Still defaults to 'Directory' (redj)
0000549: [ide] Trying to compile a header file gives a confusing error (redj)
0000553: [ide] ide: autocomplete: Crash on 'menu = {' (jerome)
0000557: [ide:buildsystem] ide: makefile generation: Additional libraries in config: order in makefile doesn't match order in ListBox (redj)
0000564: [ide:buildsystem] implement a way to specify custom compiler flags [ compiler and project level ] (redj)
0000607: [compiler] Compile errors with 'In File Included From' , the ..\ appears before 'In File ...' (redj)
0000610: [ide] Add double-click open support to Find in files (redj)
0000629: [ide] New project shouldn't close current project until you click Ok (redj)
0000631: [ide] Right click / compile on instance.c is NOT building the right thing? (redj)
0000651: [ide] Pressing escape on another output tab aborts a find (Build or Debug) (redj)
0000660: [documentor] can't add text. able to click [add text] but only get a cursor. can't type text in any field. (jerome)
0000661: [ide:findinfiles] Find in files does not match folder names anymore (didn't it use to?) (redj)
0000677: [ide] Support a way to disable -ffast-math per file (redj)
0000735: [ide:buildsystem] Libraries order and platform specific libraries (redj)
0000689: [ide] NodeProperties: bad value in path for resource folders in installer.epj (redj)
0000691: [ide:parsing] class definition inside preprocessor if with import and class not found (jerome)
0000692: [ide] project -> clean is not clean enough. lingering .sym symbols files or other difficulties can create bad binaries on build (redj)
0000693: [ide:debugger] issues with using breakpoints with conditional expression, stack depth and ignore count (redj)
0000695: [ide] Skipping breakpoints is NOT usable (redj)
0000696: [ide] Hitting Project/Clean while debugging app puts the debugger in an unusable state (redj)
0000697: [ide] Bringing up system menu (Alt-Space) while searching in files jams the IDE (jerome)
0000698: [ide] Per Config/Platform target type does not seem to work (redj)
0000874: [tarball] when building libec again the precompiled files are always re-compiled because they are re-copied each time (redj)
0000702: [ide] check project with resource files that have a $ in their file name (redj)
0000703: [ide] add Tao of Programming to Help menu (redj)
0000704: [ide] add key folders (samples, extras and doc) to Help menu (redj)
0000705: [ide] add link to ecere/forums url to Help menu (redj)
0000707: [toolchain] weird errors with -j 8: e.g. strip (jerome)
0000720: [installer] Update GDB, Report stepping bugs! (jerome)
0000723: [tarball] cross-build for Windows on Linux (jerome)
0000728: [installer] setting the path variable is messed up with mingw/bin twice and mingw/bin/bin (jerome)
0000729: [eda:driver:sqlite] use installed sqlite library on linux. debian policy requirement. (redj)
0000731: [portable] ide/documentor batch files cannot be used in a path containing spaces (redj)
0000736: [ide] Quick Project broken? (jerome)
0000799: [ide] When Adding Project to workspace, use selected config if available! (redj)
0000739: [ide:buildsystem] platform specific exclusion if blocks are not added around rule of single files when ex/inclusion is specific to the file (redj)
       0000738: [ide:buildsystem] Files with same names / different platform exclusions: multiple rules without platform ifs (redj)
0000802: [ide] Why doesn't this open in Build output (redj)
0000734: [ecere] Editbox and scrollbar visibility bug
0000803: [ide] Open Project, Project/New , Cancel --> IDE Still keeps title with old project (redj)
0000825: [ide] Crash on deleting a project config! (jerome)
0000737: [ide] Finding file to build in workspace projects & platform exclusions (F7 / Ctrl-F7) (redj)
0000813: [ide] When using 'import folder', no messages popup on conflicting files (redj)
0000812: [ide] Should not let you add the 'exact same' files twice (redj)
0000811: [buildsystem] Be a bit smarter when setting . as target dir (redj)
0000810: [ide] IDE: 'In file included from' messages not showing in IDE (jerome)
0000809: [ide] Trim spaces around paths in compiler settings/project settings (redj)
0000806: [ide] Find In Files: Finding by filename should let you double-click/enter ot open (redj)
0000805: [ide] Check file with $ in project (Excluded or removed for GCC C++ stuff) (redj)
0000801: [ide:debugger] In a main project, if target is set to Shared Library, can't toggle breakpoint (redj)
0000794: [ide] allow specifying custom compiler / linker flags (redj)
0000790: [ide:parsing] ide code parsing crash for with git confilct markers (jerome)
0000779: [ide:designer] Drag a derived UI control into other control in designer would always cause IDE crashed. (jerome)
0000778: [ide:buildsystem] Mixes of " " and escaped spaces do not play well together in makefile/compiler configs (redj)
0000777: [ide] Glitches in the new Debug Precompile/Compile Feature (redj)
0000775: [ide:buildsystem] Linker Options are broken (redj)
0000774: [ide:parsing] ide crash on parsing very long string literals (jerome)
0000766: [ide] no right click key support (jerome)
0000765: [ide:buildsystem] Confusion between Host and Target in Cross-Platform Makefiles (Exclusions!) (redj)
0000763: [ide] When reloading added project, config often reverts to something else (jerome)
0000760: [ec] eC: indirection level confusion (jerome)
0000759: [ide:autocomplete] Overriding virtual methods is buggy (jerome)
0000758: [ecere] Scrolling past line 90930 (e.g. sqlite3.c) causes scrollbar thumb to disappear (jerome)
0000756: [ide] When reloading both a source (.ec) and project (.epj) file at once (e.g. with git checkout), IDE crashes (jerome)
0000755: [ide:debugger] Asking for location for, even though selecting the proposed path work (jerome)
0000748: [ide:debugger] Breakpoints issues when using Run to cursor together with breakpoints (redj)
0000747: [buildsystem] make the project files (.epj) and makefiles compiler independent (redj)
0000746: [ide:buildsystem] When a file is in multiple projects within workspace, only first exclusion is currently checked when compiling (jerome)
0000745: [ide:buildsystem] build Output shows target name instead of project name (niraj)
0000744: [buildsystem] support adding to LIBS in compiler configuration (redj)
0000743: [buildsystem] support optionally forcing 32 and 64 bit in project settings (redj)
0000741: [ide] When selecting a directory in Global Settings, Default keeps going back to IDE's launch directory (redj)
0000861: [ide] Activate breakpoints upon loading of EDASQLite shared library (redj)
0000862: [ide] we need an ide -t mode, 'text' mode, so I can text edit .epj files (redj)
0000863: [ide] Support: PJ_LIST_H="pj_list.h" in preprocessor definitions (redj)
0000877: [ide] Support for Windows .rc files (redj)
0000879: [ide] IDE crashing on exit after having hit a segfault in debugged app (jerome)
0000880: [ide] Windows network relative paths do not go properly into recent files/project (redj)
0000881: [ide:propertysheet] Modifying a font size value is not working (64 bit) (jerome)
0000896: [ide] when removing project from workspace, active config selection drop box's list of choices is not updated (redj)
0000911: [ecere] Expose DropBox::GetRowCount() as a property (redj)
0000912: [ide:parsing] ide crash when parsing ecere/src/sys/ (jerome)
0000931: [ide] crash with PathBox on infinite loop when editing a path to change the drive letter. Windows-only (redj)
0000934: [ecere] EditBox::contents = x; // apparent leak due to recording undo actions (jerome)
0000936: [ide] parsing files with unknown file extension (redj)
0000939: [ide:debugger] breakpoints in library don't work if debug working dir is specified in workspace (when stripped lib file is present in said dir) (redj)
0000940: [ide] crash on ok in project settings dialog after adding a preprocessor definition to the debug config of ide.epj after parsing (jerome)
0000941: [ide:findinfiles] media files from find in files log output will open in code editor (redj)
0000943: [ide:findinfiles] empty quotes for search content criteria in "Searching" message -- i.e.: containing "" (redj)
0000944: [ide:parsing] Crash opening historic ecere.h (jerome)
0000946: [compiler] ecc: crash on Destroy{0}; aka function call with curlies instead of parentheses error (jerome)
0000947: [ide] support goto file and line by enter / dblclick from valgrind integration output (redj)
0000949: [ide] ide; crash on double click or enter for find in files output line; Found n match(es) in "file/path" (redj)
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