Released 2014-08-07
0001087: [ecere] Various class:struct classes issues (jerome)
0000395: [ide] Add a way to stop a build once it started
0000648: [ecere] What kind of alpha blending are we doing right now in GDI? (jerome)
0000284: [ide] opacity goes from 75% (in the PNG) to 100% (backed by 'white') (jerome)
0000341: [ide] med/ : anchor = { right = : Lists all enums (jerome)
0000351: [ide] channel.Serialize( : pops up all enum values (jerome)
0000640: [ecere] OpenGL fonts and non-squared textures use (jerome)
0000699: [compiler] Units and ++ (jerome)
0000815: [ide] Project Workspace: env vars: copy/pasting while changing tabs? [Global Settings seems OK now] (jerome)
0000814: [ide] When opening up, don't make code editor go on top of output view (jerome)
0000942: [compiler] clang compiler support (jerome)
0000018: [ide] Better parsing in IDE project building to prevent errors from parallel builds (-jX) (jerome)
0000026: [compiler] Compiling is excessively slow (jerome)
0000070: [compiler] Provide a way to override the default namespace (jerome)
0000099: [compiler] Union bracket initialization is broken (jerome)
0000158: [ecere] Take advantage of new DataType Size vs Struct size (jerome)
0000241: [compiler] No "Function shouldn't return a value" warnings (jerome)
0000276: [compiler] Compile Time Color conversion of a ColorRGBA to a ColorAlpha is failing (jerome)
0000305: [compiler] Type Size thing - (class.type == normalClass || class.type == noHeadClass) ? sizeof(void *) : class.typeSize (jerome)
0000307: [compiler] The eC compiler fails to tell you when you reference a class that does not exist. (jerome)
0000439: [compiler] eC Compiler (ecc): Pass 4 - New Declaration Reordering Algorithm (jerome)
0000598: [compiler] No warning on "case pageUp: pageDown:" (jerome)
0000644: [compiler] Iterating an enum value with ints converts to an unrelated property (jerome)
0000771: [compiler] units: Degrees i; sin ( i + 5) vs sin(i + Degrees { 5 }) give different results (jerome)
0000832: [compiler] Declaration reordering and multiple variables declared in a single declaration (jerome)
0000994: [compiler] Bit Classes: Prevent overflow into other bitfields (jerome)
0001083: [ide] Stuck Tooltips, Stuck IDE, Crashing IDE (jerome)
0001084: [ide] project settings per-platform dir list edit crash in (jerome)
0001085: [ecere] JSON Map containers Read/Write Support (jerome)
0000205: [compiler] Fix integer promotions to follow the C standard ( (jerome)
0000234: [compiler] The SDK package fails to compile with GCC 3.4.5 (jerome)
0000278: [ecere] GetKeyState quirks (jerome)
0000316: [compiler] Issues with opaque structure parameters (jerome)
0000353: [ide] DataBox:: Class/Namespace operator not listing content properly (jerome)
0000361: [ide] public class StringBTNode : BTNode : Compile error when declared before BTNode (jerome)
0000685: [compiler] compiler/ecc: generated c code does not compile clean yet (jerome)
0000795: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] window not coming up right away in Mint 14 (have to click twice on Task Bar) (jerome)
0000776: [ecere] EditBox problem with Tabs on (jerome)
0000850: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] Ubuntu/Unity bug: Quirks with integration with top bar (jerome)
0001044: [ecere] Option not to use eC mem-mgr (jerome)
0000700: [gui/gfx-driver:x11] Window sizing issues on some X servers (jerome)
0000285: [ide] Resolution on Wide Screen Monitor causes minimization of window (jerome)
0000754: [compiler] class LocationAbbreviation : Location { } in causing compiler to crash (jerome)
0000503: [compiler] Some interesting memory leaks compiling (jerome)
0000501: [compiler] memory leaks (compiler) (jerome)
0001020: [ide:autocomplete] Key list does not show up on GetKeyState() autocomplete (Ctrl-Space) (jerome)
0000628: [ide] Message box when Ctrl-F7 a file not in project (redj)
0000804: [ide] Project Settings/Right-Click/Clear not working on OS X ? I think we've fixed this? Focus/interim thing? (7d60d28) (jerome)
0001022: [compiler] Iterators inside for loop without brackets with extra statement (jerome)
0001050: [compiler] Support for empty array literals (jerome)
0001058: [compiler] Get PrintLn([1, 2, 3]) working (jerome)
0000714: [installer] Include Versioning information from git commit in releases during build (redj)
0000826: [compiler] stdbool.h (Nicktick's FreeBSD 9.1's libjpeg?) (jerome)
0000787: [compiler] Support for C99 Complex number support (jerome)
0001041: [documentor] Add Back and Next buttons to Documentor (jerome)
0001056: [ide] Post build command too thin, buttons show over pre-build (redj)
0001057: [ide] Import Folder: Should default to project folder (redj)
0001059: [compiler] Add support for: 123.OnGetString(s, null, null) (jerome)
0001060: [compiler] Debugging method calls such as File::Puts() brings to generated C (jerome)
0001061: [documentor] Handle templated classes nicely (jerome)
0000678: [ecere] Implement mouse cursors support in X (jerome)
0001007: [compiler] [ 1 ].OnCompare([ 1 ]) -- Bad generated code (jerome)
0001030: [ide:debugger] New leaks in Debugger (redj)
0001036: [ide] Failures to go to source file from error log (redj)
0001037: [ide] F7 in Object.cpp builds up wrong project (redj)
0001039: [ide] Step over skipping breakpoints icon is missing [from toolbar] (redj)
0001055: [compiler] Provide a way to cross-compile from 64 bit SDK for Android (32 bit) (redj)
0000240: [ide] Compiled Program automatically minimizes when fullScreen = true (jerome)
0000537: [ecere] Window trails when moved.. (jerome)
0000671: [compiler] 255f is not always generating a syntax error (jerome)
0000992: [ecere] Implement acquired input on X11 (jerome)
0001021: [compiler] Declarations inside case statements (jerome)
0001031: [ide:debugger] Debug/Stop after Valgrind reports an error hangs the IDE (redj)
0001034: [ecere] Syntax Highlighting glitch on 123L/123LL (jerome)
0001045: [ecere] Is it possible to avoid a MouseMove when a menu is popped up under the mouse? (jerome)
0001063: [compiler:ecs] ecs: Windows command line exceeded (redj)
0001064: [ecere] Syntax Highlighting of strings continued with a \ (jerome)
0000676: [ide] The form designer doesn't handle strings with \n in them very well (jerome)
0000687: [ide:designer] Form Designer doesn't spuport $"string" syntax for i18n (jerome)
0000712: [installer] provide language selection (jerome)
0000718: [ide] Starting directory (jerome)
0000858: [i18n] Translation templates (.pot) improvements (redj)
0000909: [compiler] Parsing 'Type' leak in (jerome)
0000983: [installer] Running the installer on Vista+ will install things for Administrator (jerome)
0001016: [buildsystem] Ensure we can build out of the box as 32 bit on 32 bit Windows (jerome)
0001065: [ecere] Undo/Redo on mouse text drag should be a single action (jerome)
0001072: [compiler] Non-Conversion properties 'set' for unit type are not working (jerome)
0001073: [ecere] Hex number sytnax highlighting bug (jerome)
0001075: [ide] Hard to reproduce crash on closing project (jerome)
0000067: [ide] Wrong watch error message for invalid expression (jerome)
0000079: [ide] The watches do not handle global data properly (jerome)
0000103: [ide] Trying to set a breakpoint in a library ( while file with same name exists in Main Project does not work (jerome)
0000128: [ide] The ` and ~ characters in the Watches window (jerome)
0000165: [ide] New form project, start typing GuiApplication:: inside class and hang up occurs [ Debugger issue as well] (jerome)
0000201: [ide] Debugger often returning with no target ID
0000505: [ide] ide: debugger: Debugger & Condition exp (0 && 1) ? 4 : 5 (jerome)
0000605: [ecere] Don't insert blank spaces (redj)
0000609: [ide] Playing with FileDialog while Directory Search is going on hangs the IDE (jerome)
0000733: [compiler] Endless parsing on identifier with 4 ':' (jerome)
0000129: [ide] Strings in the Watches window (jerome)
0000209: [ide] Watches: Evaluating char buffer[123]; buffer + c (jerome)
0000262: [compiler] Crash compiling (jerome)
0000271: [compiler] Compiler Crash (jerome)
0000288: [compiler] 'this' crashes ecc.exe (jerome)
0000293: [compiler] symbolgen (ecs) doesn't like remote class method using nonexistent type (jerome)
0000642: [ide:autocomplete] IDE Crashes when pressing . (dot) in a list (jerome)
0000019: [ide:debugger] Memory can't be read at (null) error in watches ... (jerome)
0000402: [compiler] I need to know when I forget a COMMA!!!! (jerome)
0000456: [ide:debugger] memory leaks in debugger (jerome)
0000486: [ide] ide: watches: #QNAN0 shows as 0, will show address on a vector component (jerome)
0000502: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: Watching this in class Color : int 's OnDisplay : Memory can't be read at (null) (jerome)
0000772: [compiler] code still compiles with flagrant syntax errors (jerome)
0000154: [ide] The IDE Leaks a lot (jerome)
0000422: [tarball] too many warnings when compiling sdk sources
0000821: [ide:parsing] memory leaks (jerome)
0000797: [ide:debugger] If gdb is missing, the IDE thinks "Debugger Fatal Error: GDB lost" rather than "D.. F.. E..: Couldn't start GDB" (linux only) (jerome)
0000333: [ide] Breakpoints not showing up next time reopening project but active
0000345: [ide] Debugger Brings to source file, but deeper stack frame is selected
0000089: [ide] Problem debugging contents of union within a class (headerless)
0000499: [ide] ide: debugger: watches: Should never get this message - happens with symbolNotFound.member (jerome)
0000356: [ide] Member "name" not found in unregistered class? (Should never get this message)... Looking inside Class without sym files
0000061: [ide] When a crash occurs within a function without debug symbol...
0000315: [compiler] Compiler crash on C++ style method definition (jerome)
0001029: [compiler] Crash in Acovel with latest compiler (jerome)
0001015: [ide] Line number margins doesn't adapt to font size (redj)
0001025: [ide:parsing] ide crash when parsing ecere/src/gui/ (jerome)
0001032: [ecere] Glitch in syntax highlighter on nested multi-line comments (jerome)
0001033: [compiler] The 'type' class property for IdList is not being set correctly (jerome)
0001013: [ide] Linker Warnings are being reported as errors (redj)
0001014: [ide] Confusion with the Expression/Value fields in the watch window (redj)
0001018: [ide:debugger] Breakpoints in static libraries (redj)
0001000: [ide:findinfiles] Out of bounds crash on Find in Files (redj)
0000996: [ide:buildsystem] Remaining troubles with .ec modules containing spaces (redj)
0001009: [ide] Ignore new errors about target failing to build from newer make 3.82.90 (redj)
0001017: [ecere] how to let EditBox work with autoSize=true and multiLine=true (redj)
0000859: [installer] Automatic git commit info (redj)
0001019: [ecere] System buttons are gone when maximized with nativeDecorations = false (jerome)
0001023: [ecere] Thumb dragging is broken on very large file (jerome)
0000997: [ecere] HTTPFile -- browser hanging (jerome)
0000991: [installer] Provide a proper GDB, without Python and its dependencies (jerome)
0000108: [compiler] Consequential cast ignored; (char*)p + ((unsigned short)-page_free); subtracts instead of adds (jerome)
0000071: [compiler] Casting to base struct generates an extra referencing operator (jerome)
0000840: [compiler] Chaining Instance::OnSerialize/OnUnserialize does not work (Tested with Container within Containers) (jerome)
0000839: [compiler] Make OpenRider use OnSerialize/OnUnserialize (jerome)
0001011: [compiler] Bad reference level within OnUnserialize for StringBTNode object [Crash in MedDB sample] (jerome)
0001010: [ecere] Bad reference level of uintptr data types [Crash in MedDB sample] (jerome)
0000653: [compiler] Map with generic type fails to instantiate when no space between the two generic definitions (>>) (jerome)
0001008: [compiler] Sudden errors building tarball ( [ Lexer mix up during translation unit parsing ] (jerome)
0000141: [compiler] Not enough arguments warnings (jerome)
0001006: [ide] Crash on closing a file importing "ecereCOM" (jerome)
0001004: [ide:debugger] initial step over will ask for source file location twice on windows (redj)
0000998: [ide] Paste (Ctrl-V / Shift-Insert) on watches goes to EditBox (redj)
0000647: [compiler:eda] Use Database::Commit() and Begin() to speed up initial database setup (ecs/db) (redj)
0000995: [ide:debugger] Invalid Breakpoint numbers; Alt-F10 - Run To cursor at same level Skipping breakpoint not working (redj)
0000968: [ide] toggle breakpoint in file with same name with two projects in workspace will set bp in wrong project/file half the time (redj)
0001003: [ide:debugger] multiple issues related to file path handling and breakpoints; toggling, showing icons, multiple bp unwanted continuation (redj)
0000999: [ide:debugger] run to cursor at same level implementation with breakpoints can be very slow; use gdb until and advance instead (redj)
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