Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
eC Compiler Re-factoring
- Recursive Descent parser
- OOification
0000841: [compiler] Conversion properties and Heap classes!!
0000109: [compiler] Infinite recursion (in enum matching?) when 2 classes have reciprocal conversion properties
0000482: [ide] ide : add ColorRGBA property IDE crash (Stack overflow?)
0000509: [ide] ide: .ews handling
0000829: [compiler] Error On Duplicate Enumeration value
0000831: [compiler] static class method does not get mangled when an incompatible expression warning is issued
0000830: [compiler] Struct class as param consistency
0000833: [compiler] Support and Generate C99 L-value: &(int) { sizeof(uintptr_t) * 8}
0000834: [compiler] 9[array] C compatibility
0000837: [compiler] Have a way to access 'class' in an OnGetString method
0000842: [compiler] static bool a, b; a default function declared right before, inside a private mode, on one line first identifier wrong mangling
0000846: [ecere] Add missing API for Button states bitmaps
0000848: [compiler] Warn against instantiating Module/Application objects
0000851: [ecere] Fix Color Spheres sample with revised transparency stuff (linux) -- (Still Transparent in Quantal32-accl off)
0000852: [ecere] (Calculator) Support multiple Smartkeys for buttons
0000853: [ecere] (Calculator) Make it easier to not display underline keyed text on buttons
0000856: [i18n] french translation
0000857: [i18n] incomplete language translations
0000419: [compiler] suggested fix to ambiguous compiler error message
0000596: [ide] Starting Debugging should NOT clear the Build log if nothing needs to be built
0000709: [installer] xp vm shortcuts
0000726: [installer] option to turn on auto update and check for update at the end of installation
0000796: [ide] Add support to turn on $(FVISIBILITY) for C files (Should it be on by default ? No. Current Default (off) is fine.)
0000865: [ide:codeeditor] Go to / Current Function drop box
0000868: [ide:debugger] Tooltip watches when hovering over symbols in code editor (hovers)
0000308: [ide] Go to definition in right click menu
0000323: [ide] Go to definition
0000389: [ide] Show Current Function
0000820: [compiler:ecs] Add system("pause") to debug build of console apps on Windows
0000819: [ide] Rename instances on renaming class
0000817: [ide] Edit/Copy/Paste in toolbar
0000800: [eda:driver:sqlite] SQLite default lock mode on Linux ? pragma alternative?
0000713: [installer] display Readme after install
0000770: [compiler:templates] support for all data types in templates
0000767: [ecere] String::OnCopy vs String::OnCompare handling of null and/or empty strings differ; it should be consistent
0000761: [eda] eda: too much code is required for type-specific string functionality
0000742: [buildsystem] support java
0000218: [ide] Be a bit more noob proof
0000808: [ide] add some special logic to copy the project to ~/ if there is no writing permission
0000883: [ide:autocomplete] Types do not show up when auto-completing the return type of a method
0000902: [ide] IDE crash when updating a library that the IDE is parsing against and hitting a compile error
0000935: [ide] Find/Replace in Files: find in project; find where tree is flat and the selection is forgotten.
0000957: [ide] proper support for $(ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE) in all global settings / project settings
0000143: [documentor] API Reference should have an advanced search feature
0000148: [ide] Caret being mislocated in EditBox with word wrap on
0000914: [ide] build log is not reporting errors (and no build/clean) when user doesn't have file permissions to obj dir
0000967: [ide] ability to reimport a new compiler from a .cf file
0001001: [ide] ide: Add option for 'New Folder' to create an actual folder on the fileSystem
0001005: [compiler] IOChannel methods crash if not importing "ecere" or "ecereCOM" in module
0000495: [ide:autocomplete] ide: autocomplete: in enum, struct (not there!!!!), property ...
0000900: [ide] Creating a project with a form does not actually write the form source file right away (And let the user chose the name)
0000506: [ide:debugger] ide: debugger: Window class and struct of bitfieldss - watching derived classes in ecere.dll
0000681: [compiler] String s; s[0] gets treated as a numeric byte instead of char by Print functions
0000769: [ide:debugger] a watch on a bool gives incorrect value in for(:) loops
0000838: [compiler] Base Virtual Methods Access
0000903: [ecere] Watches View: separator bar erased by ...
0001038: [ide] Don't Auto-Expand "src" when loading up projects if it contains many files, and no folders
0001066: [ide] Have a way to exclude by bit length
0001082: [ide] ecc debugging: do not compile module prior to launching IDE
0000252: [ide:autocomplete] Show API Reference Info in AutoComplete
0000394: [ide:autocomplete] AutoCompletion: Show API Reference Info in AutoComplete
0000828: [compiler] Prevent instantiation of templates without types
0000827: [compiler] TestStruct { int x; }
0000835: [compiler] __statement
0000836: [compiler] Not require __extension__ for statements
0001086: [eda:driver:sqlite] Limitations in auto-generation of eda_table_fields
0000206: [compiler] Issues encountered in KCMD
0000268: [ide] editor should evaluate and notify (highlight) areas with uncast types
0000302: [ide] highlighting and color saving
0000337: [ide] If after comma, popups get out of MkExpIdentifier and displays popups for MkExpIndex:
0000340: [ide] Form Editor: Field property dissappears
0000022: [ide] Add bison/flex support to IDE
0000068: [ide] Find a way to prevent flashing console and/or application on top of code while stepping in Windows
0000087: [compiler] On FreeBSD calling gcc from compiling tools with -I"/usr/local/include" doesn't work
0000104: [compiler] Properties with a function pointer type are not working
0000137: [ide] Implement Project::Build as a thread, using new DualPipe line processing loop (See threads in
0000311: [ide] IDE VISUALIZATION!!
0000322: [ide] Find and replace remember selection
0000326: [ide] Click outside code editor, then try select a word (needs activation click first)
0000334: [ide] Build Errors: Go to code, cursor passed end of file, can go back up and back down
0000335: [ide] Don't fill up method if already block ahead
0000336: [ide] args->Add(MkExpConstant("1", MkIdentifier("indexes")));
0000151: [ide] Change Instantiation names throughout the source.
0000179: [ide] Projects building: dependencies, current project
0000186: [ide] Form Designer: Aligning the right edge of a label to its attached control
0000187: [ide] Form Designer: Various reasons requiring to always running to see form changes
0000188: [ide] Form Designer: Have a default size for Windows in Designer when none is specified
0000189: [ide] Just passing by the form designer shouldn't move the caret
0000195: [compiler] When declaring a virtual method as private, FindMethod might not find it since it is passed a module resulting in an unmangled i
0000231: [compiler] Memoryguard compile problems with ffmpeg headers
0000243: [compiler] LaunchTimes in KCMD also requires an iterator to properly access Date object in additional to for( : ) syntax
0000343: [ide:debugger] Line Numbers Output & e.g. expression of for statment
0000601: [ecere] Auto completion support within DropBox (ComboBox)
0000686: [compiler] smart symbol files auto dependencies
0000192: [ecere] MapNode<Organization, OrgUsed> , memory gets allocated but not freed; and gets copied since it's a struct
0000301: [ide] Dingbat's do not render
0000357: [ide] Warning or Error when more than one Application defined?
0000378: [ide] NotifyClicked etc. master parameter in parameter popups
0000390: [ide] Show Current switch case statement
0000586: [ide] Programmable function pointers on methods and as variables
0000684: [ide] CodeEditor: Expand/Collapse blocks, functions, classes...
0000287: [ecere] Provide cross platform functions for manipulating endianness
0000403: [compiler] Assigning Templated value to Array<T> doesn't work
0000477: sdk: toolchain: Cross Compiler
0000584: [ide:buildsystem] make pre-build and post-build actions into seperate rules and add support at the IDE level
0000585: [ide] More accurate tracking of compilingModified / linkingModified
0000632: [ide] Easy Static Linking
0000683: [ide] Investigate a crash on a file within ecere.epj importing "Ecere"
0000401: [ide] Find in Files .. tweak
0000458: [compiler] compiler: Linking ecereCOM-statically (and potentially Ecere), but exporting it outside!
0000406: [compiler] removing the need to use import "ecere" vs import static "ecere" depending on the linking method that was used
0000654: [compiler] Fix reference level on accessing a for ( : ) map iterator with a struct key (when assigning to a pointer)
0000360: [ide] StringBTNode : Precomp errors without extra brackets
0001079: [compiler:ecp] ecp breaks on cast to types defined elsewhere within a single statement
0000277: [compiler] 'define' chokes on undefined classes used for casting in the defined expression
0000364: [ide] Precomp Syntax Error: define app = ((IDEApp)__thisModule); // cast before class definition breaks
0000362: [ide] Precomp Syntax Error in if(!window.dirtyArea.count) window.UpdateDirty((Box *)&ps.rcPaint);
0001074: [compiler] Address the issue that MapNode::key and ::value return wrong values for Maps with struct keys
0000590: [compiler] Wrong indirection level inside Map index operator for unit classes
0000383: [ide] Getting Virtual Methods IDs
0000701: [eda:driver:sqlitecipher] update sqlcipher to v2.0
0000608: [compiler] renew operator: should not need to be assigned!
0000753: [compiler] support setting a class_property of Field type by using dbfield
0000039: [compiler] Getting Virtual Methods IDs
0000953: [compiler] Generic support for methods with this type by reference
0000098: [compiler] using import in circular fashion classes deriving from window will no be known as such (must use import "ecere" to work around)
0000658: [compiler] delete should always chose data members rather than properties
0000391: [ide] Highlight Called Expression when showing parameters
0000346: [ide] : In OnPostCreate, FieldDataBox: pops up parameter popup, second pops up list and parameter pop up blank
0000379: [ide] Parameters popups in EDA: driver.FieldNext(
0000952: [compiler] Issues with thisclass
0000257: [compiler] Functions with thisclass broken across .sym importing
0000515: [compiler] EDA Database Syntax and other Improvements
0000358: [ide] else exp = MkExpConstant( : Parameters not popping up (
0000355: [ide] bool OnKeydown(: Don't popup parameters when expecting an instance members on (
0000342: [ide] Default Properties: Not all postfix expression are accepted, only identifiers, otherwise should issue a warning or make it work
0000348: [ide] If " = true;" After trying to type bool NotifyClicked(, not coming up
0000354: [ide] bool No* : Not Completing, whereas No* completes
0000652: [compiler] Compiler generating bad code for Map iterator
0000200: [ecere] Make FileSize 64 bit, add FileSize32: OnCompare and 64 bit ...
0000591: [eda:driver:sqlite] [EDASQLite is] inconsistent with query with and without '?'
0000344: [ide] StringBinaryTree declared before BinaryTree: eClass_AddDataMember values nightmare
0000207: [compiler] Symbol files and specified 'this class' functions
0000196: [compiler] Identifier versus Type conflicts, the following seems to compile fine in C but generate syntax errors in eC:
0000208: [compiler] Unterminated String on a line causes many syntax errors
0000239: [ecere] Multiple DB support in the eC integration of EDA seems to be quite limited
0000185: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: Window:: in filling up method overriding
0000329: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete popups above top of screen
0000363: [ide:debugger] eC AST null Syntax Error in bool for Win32 types
0000365: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: viewFrame. in Acovel/
0000367: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: (outside) Color a =
0000368: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: precomp fails to build an AST
0000369: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete:
0000370: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: New check for command == Add, ...
0000372: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: Undefined function: entry.bitmap.LoadFromFile(file, eString_GetExt(path, extension), null);
0000373: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete (WindowsSkin): if([.], ES_BORDER) && !BITSET(, ES_CAPTION))
0000374: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: : too consecutive dots still popup members
0000375: [ide:autocomplete] AUTOCOMPLETE in E:\ecere\testing
0000376: [ide:autocomplete] Test Autocomplete with new features (size = { 10, 10 }, ...)
0000377: [ide:autocomplete] Autocomplete: General lack of tolerance for any syntax error
0000102: [compiler] An extra & is added when assigning pointer to a nohead class struct to an object, when inside brackets
0000199: [compiler] Creating empty struct class (0 bytes) fails
0000366: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete: Explicit enum value within instantiation -- Player { id = Languages::^ };
0000496: [ide:autocomplete] ide: autocomplete: if(!bitmap.Save(, null, null)) these kind of syntax error break the parser
0000497: [ide:autocomplete] ide: autocomplete: elses without ifs break the parser
0000593: [compiler] Checking a not casted typed_object for null should generate a compiler error (The code will otherwise crash)
0000095: [ide:autocomplete] AutoComplete : a) MkExpMember(argExp, ^; b) true ? ^
0000380: [ide] Disable auto completion inside comments
0000910: [ide:autocomplete] Overriding virtual method in helloForm , at the top of class does not work
0000659: [compiler] Method/Symbol mixups on reverse-ordered Window hierarchy (only design issues remain) (ide/libec)
0001080: [compiler] Reporting Incompatible pointer types (int ** vs int[][])
0001076: [compiler] Support breaking and stepping on default properties assignments
0001070: [compiler] PrintType potential overflow
0001068: [compiler] Produce internationalization templates with a tool separate from ecs
0000576: [compiler] bad import pattern slows compilation of pannels flles
0000180: [ide:autocomplete] Autocomplete snappiness
0000514: [compiler] Support for Interface Constructs
0000892: [compiler] Operator Definition support for Strings, Vectors, Quaternions, Matrices...
0000847: [compiler] Don't let silly things like this method pass: bool () { }
0000317: [ide] Don't parse on typing . in ""
0000386: [ide] Parse only sections of code
0000387: [ide] Optimize reparsing: Memory / loading speed issues
0000152: [ecere] No Text or Widgets! (On Linux/PPC) - Font? ear/strip glitch?
0000057: [ide] mouse scroll in File > Open working only after click
0000312: [ide] Support for GCC type checking
0001054: [compiler] Compiler doesn't complain about a non-virtual method without definition.
0001052: [compiler] ecc gives an error de-referencing a pointer to a local struct
0000740: [buildsystem] improve makefile generation to include use static pattern rules (redj)
0000056: [ide] Keep opened files paths in workspace file relative to each project when applicable (redj)
0000732: [tarball] add help target for documentation. make help at command line (redj)
0000441: [documentor] documentor: search (jerome)
0000989: [documentor] Undo/Redo support in Documentor editing (jerome)
0000908: [compiler] unable to use class(MyClass) in a define (jerome)
0001040: [ide:debugger] Valgrind: add option ignore certain libraries, e.g. all in /usr/lib: (redj)
0000888: [compiler] Rewrite Parser (jerome)
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