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0000684Ecere SDKidepublic2016-04-19 05:19
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Target Version0.46 eC II 
Summary0000684: CodeEditor: Expand/Collapse blocks, functions, classes...
DescriptionThe feature is to allow the code to be extended or collapsed similar to many text editors out there (I know of Notepad++ but I thing Geany has this as well).

It would basically need to determine the type of the file that is opened (as I understand Jerome wants to have the IDE being used by many for various types of projects, not only Ec or C or CPP files.. Now based on the file it should find the tags and close by them - { to its } or <tag> to </tag>, etc..
Additional InformationI believe that it could be done to have another class shown/drawn over the contents one that will show only the selected code, and that would get all of the code from the EditBox::contents. This way the EditBox::contents would stay the same for the usage by compiler.
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