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0000903Ecere SDKecerepublic2016-04-19 05:29
Reporterjerome Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version0.44.07 
Target Version0.46 eC II 
Summary0000903: Watches View: separator bar erased by ...
DescriptionThere is a small glitch in the ListBox used for the watches view.
When a string is too long to fit in the expression, at a certain width the ... effectively erases the separator bar for the type.
Probably a +1 or -1 missing somewhere.
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2014-05-01 02:22

administrator   ~0001239

Note: this only happens on Windows, may depend on font used?

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2013-05-10 19:05 jerome New Issue
2014-05-01 02:22 jerome Note Added: 0001239
2016-04-19 05:29 jerome Target Version 0.44.12 Fixes => 0.46 eC II