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0000914Ecere SDKidepublic2016-04-19 05:29
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Product Version0.44.07 
Target Version0.46 eC II 
Summary0000914: build log is not reporting errors (and no build/clean) when user doesn't have file permissions to obj dir
we don't do much about file permission that I know of
we don't need to do anything (right now at least)
just accurately report
what happened or didn't happen :P
and it said files were being cleaned up, and they were not
and it said no errors, no warnings, when nothing built successfully
I guess because it didn't delete the objects/targets
make thought there was nothing to do
but should check now
if we see these errors?
both deny and allow
I took out all permissions from my project folder

Default Compiler
Rebuilding project mappingTest using the Debug configuration...
Target and object files deleted
Generating symbols...

none of this actually happened
I can't even go into that folder
first error that shows up is error: Couldn't open obj\debug.win32\viewController.sym
it's not just a Windows thing
chmod -R 000 obj
in any of your project
should get you the same thing :)
...\mappingTest>mingw32-make -f mappingTest-Debug.Makefile clean
mkdir obj\debug.win32\ > nul 2>&1
mingw32-make: [objdir] Error 1 (ignored)
del /f /q obj\debug.win32\mappingTest.exe > nul 2>&1
mingw32-make: [cleantarget] Error 1 (ignored)
del /f /q obj\debug.win32\linkobjects.lst > nul 2>&1
nothing showing up in the build
a clean/delete that failed because the file is not there is one thing
one that failed because the permission is not there, the user needs to see
I guess that's the main thing this issue is about
ecp is also silent
about not being able to write to a .sym file
(guess that's part 2 of this problem)
Additional Informationperhaps a few too many - in the files functions in but then again we need to not break when _some_ errors occur I think... :P
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