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0000406Ecere SDKcompilerpublic2014-10-24 08:58
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Target Version0.46 eC II 
Summary0000406: removing the need to use import "ecere" vs import static "ecere" depending on the linking method that was used
Descriptionmake it happen!
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has duplicate 0000632 new Easy Static Linking 
related to 0000458 new compiler: Linking ecereCOM-statically (and potentially Ecere), but exporting it outside! 



2010-05-03 22:23

administrator   ~0000196

And what of linking ecereCOM or ecere statically as part of a dynamic library?

How will we specificially tell the compiling tools to import only Ecere statically.


2014-10-24 08:47

reporter   ~0001382

I think if there static passed in the ide there is no point in having runtime shared dependencies as that is not what is intended. having the ability to have a statically linked .so file similar to ecere.dll might be useful though.

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