Scheduled For Release 2019-06-30
Fix remaining Mantis issues, Solaris support
0001120: [ecere] Support creating windows from other threads on Win32
0000722: [buildbot] implement a Build bot to support windows auto update feature
0000213: [ecere] Add XRender glyph support for text output
0000887: [ecere] Proper fonts solution
0000885: [installer] Ecere for Android Installer
0000309: [ide] Ability to launch custom source editor from IDE
0000871: [ecere] Cocoa Support
0000816: [ide] Making it easier to name/rename new project file/form (You almost never want a
0000878: [ecere] Show Soft keyboard in text box
0000872: [ecere] iOS Support
0000886: [ide] Improve the IDE to facilitate developing Android apps ...
0000884: [ecere] Proper Multi-DPI Support
0001062: [ecere] (X11) Cooperate with Clipboard Manager to preserve clipboard data on exit
0001071: [ide] Display BitmapResource from target Resources in form designer
0000513: [compiler] More Consistent Reference Counting: Block Scope
0000177: [ecere] eC String Solution
0000475: [ide] ide: tabbed documents instead of classic MDI
0000263: [ide] windows move when you use the Output window
0000478: [ecere] runtime: unicode fonts show up as squares
0000552: [ecere] Use XRender Glyphs in the X display driver
0000639: [ecere] Primitive Alignment in OpenGL (Lines vs Filled areas)
0000306: [ecere] add FTGL support to ecere fonts
0000448: [ecere] runtime: AutoLayout / Skinning GUI
0000258: [ecere] Drag and Drop
0000080: [ide] Ecere do not has many user
0000142: [ecere] Refine DataBox control
0000115: [ecere] Filename handling String functions can overflow
0000545: [ecere] Some things just won't work if you're using an Application instead of a GuiApplication
0000490: [ecere] runtime: TransformPoint is backwards? dest, src?
0000178: [ecere] Adding DataFields to editboxes without constructor
0000292: [ecere] Provide an interface to control blending modes
0000266: [ecere] Window children order problem when never meant to overlap
0000246: [ecere] ScrollDirection is too specific
0000245: [ecere] GetLastDirectory method name misleading
0000222: [ecere] Confusion with id (a local variable) and id (the form's Window::id)
0000204: [ecere] Notification master (this for callbacks), versus master for modal system: MessageBox and NotifyDestroyed usability
0000184: [ecere] Common Controls should default anchored top/left
0000183: [ecere] Boolean anchors support
0000558: [ide] ide: designer: add option to set snap / edit grid size in GUI designer.
0000599: [ide] Automatic Software Update button in IDE
0000399: [ide] Add file to project
0000325: [ide] A-Z icon
0000251: [ide] smart highlighting: tracking matched and unmatched braces et al
0000404: [documentor] Show inherited methods/properties
0000869: [ecere] Android Sensors Support (jerome)
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