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0000488Ecere SDKidepublic2010-07-26 14:592016-08-21 22:28
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Target Version0.44.16Fixed in Version 
Summary0000488: ide: codeeditor: Syntax Highlighting For other languages
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related to 0000268new editor should evaluate and notify (highlight) areas with uncast types 
related to 0000302new highlighting and color saving 
related to 0000391new Highlight Called Expression when showing parameters 
related to 0000251new smart highlighting: tracking matched and unmatched braces et al 

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D_Bane (reporter)
2012-02-17 17:52

Hi Redj, should these words be inserted in keyWords1[] in the EditBox just like the //C //eC have been added? If so I can add them. If they need to be added somewhere else, please tell me. (hope it is ok to write here :) )
jerome (administrator)
2012-02-20 01:53

Hi D.Bane,

In fact this is a rather complex task :)
As part of this task, ideally syntax highlighting would be moved away from into a properly organized syntax highlighter code structure...

Having a Syntax Highlighter class, and being able to load keywords from a file (perhaps in a JSON format) for example would be nice...

Also the ability to customize colors, font type names and font size in the IDE would go along with this. This might be a place to start, adding this customizability to the IDE in the Editors tab of the Global Settings.

The current syntax highlighter is very basic, working only with identifying particular keywords. A more powerful syntax highlighter would actually know about languages grammar, but this might not be required at this time :)

The IDE however does parse eC code, the eC parser/compiler being invoked form, but this is for more advanced things like auto-complete, parameters list, the form designer, etc. This is not required at this time for other languages, but would eventually nice to be extensible to support other languages as well.

Just a note about Mantis, the issues with the 'immediate' priority are the ones we're trying to get done for the next official release, and there are a whole bunch of easy ones in there. They are marked immediate because of relative their importance in providing a better experience for ourselves and for users, and on the short time required to fix them. So they're the best bang for the time.
For example, these look easy enough for warm up:

0000682, 0000675, 0000673, 0000668, 0000667

Cheers ;)

redj (administrator)
2016-08-13 13:22

maybe support TextMate grammars [^]
redj (administrator)
2016-08-13 13:25

see also: [^]

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