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0000602Ecere SDKpublic2013-05-19 22:15
Reportersamsam598 Assigned Tojerome  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.44 Ryoan-ji 
Summary0000602: Setting isModal = true on a form jams the IDE
DescriptionRight click (Alt-0)on the root of the project tree,then 'Add New Form' will create a new Form and add it in the current project as expected.Now we could have at least two Forms.From now on press F8 or using the menu to tab between the forms,code editors will cause IDE freeze.I can reproduce the issue almost always.
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has duplicate 0000220 closedjerome Freezing IDE - Form Editor with isModal = true 



2011-08-25 15:57

administrator   ~0000454

Sam, could you please give me more details about how you get this crash?
I can't seem to reproduce it here.
Make sure you're using the latest sdk (we fixed the build), and let me know exactly which steps you have. Or maybe attach your project and source files which can cause it? Did you add anything (controls...?) to these forms?


2011-08-26 07:16

reporter   ~0000455

Last edited: 2011-08-26 07:21

If create another fresh project and test under the same steps,it won't reproduce the issue;but the one I encountered the issue still can reproduce this issue always.I uploads the project.Please note I can't edit the by designer.

2011-08-26 07:22


SplashApp.7z (3,259 bytes)


2011-08-26 11:50

administrator   ~0000456

The problem is the isModal property, if you comment it out the Designer will work fine. I will address this (The isModal property should not take effect within the designer).


2011-08-27 16:35

administrator   ~0000457

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