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Summary0000901: IRC revolution
Descriptionbecause exposing the underlying technical underpinning of the IRC network is so vanishingly unimportant
there is enormous value in IRC, especially in Freenode and
and the purpose of an IRC client should be to maximize the value a user can get out of the network and add to the network
the idea that when you join a channel, you have a blank chat window is really broken but basically unquestioned by IRC clients
the client should have an awareness of whether a channel is logged
and if it's logged, the client should use those logs to automatically populate the window with the channel's history
so you can see what you're dropping into
that should also be tied into a rich search function to help you find data in channels
the client should be able to group conversations, either historical or ongoing, into gmail-like conversations so you can view them without the irc cross-chatter
and there should also be support for linking and annotation of those conversations so that new users can be easily pointed to data from the channel's past
we can totally build those features into IRC
we can't necessarily make it standard
but if we build support for it into a client and a reference implementation into a server
we might very well get Freenode to adopt it
Freenode has long since dropped the concept of trying to be a neutral IRC server
when thing suit them they'll do it their way
there's something to be said for backwards compatibility and I don't know of any modern IRC clients that totally break when connected to Freenode

-- credit goes to Ryan
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