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0000782Ecere SDKecerepublic2013-03-27 04:39
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Product Version0.44 Ryoan-ji 
Summary0000782: Window is all over the place [ Unexpected frame in Avast Sandbox mode frame ]
DescriptionAvast is an antivirus software. It has a Run In Sandbox feature which reverts changes made by a program when it's execution is done. Sandboxed programs are surrounded by an orange frame.
When running an eC program in Avast Sandbox mode, the orange frame generated by avast around the program stays where the window isn't. Meaning
When minimising the eC program, the orange frame stays. When moving the eC window, the orange frame stays in the old position, but a new one is generated when done moving. There are two frames in different places. It's possible to make more.
The issue itself is just a minor inconvenience, BUT
it probably points to a more serious issue with how eC handles the interaction with the window manager.
Additional InformationOS is Windows 7 ultimate x64
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