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0001220Ecere SDKcompilerpublic2019-11-27 13:59
Reporterjerome Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version0.45 Ginkakuji 
Target Version0.44.16 
Summary0001220: Very strange generic-related bug
DescriptionWeird thing like this gets generated setting identifiers on ASTMemberInit instance:

extern struct __ecereNameSpace__ecere__com__Class * __ecereClass___ecereNameSpace__ecere__com__List_TPL_ASTIdentifier__LT__EQU__ecere__com__Link__(bool)0x0__link__T__EQU__ASTIdentifier__D__EQU__ASTIdentifier_;

Steps To Reproduceimport "ecere"
import "ec2"

void testBug()
   ASTMemberInit mInit
      identifiers = { }
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