Scheduled For Release 2018-12-31
September 2016 Release
- ECON fixes, More compact output, Transition EPJ to ECON
- Bracket Matching
- Additional Editor Configuration (e.g. tabs, background)
- Remembering IDE Window positions
- C, C++, Python Bindings
- Windows Uninstaller
0001247: [ide:buildsystem] Folder path in .epj project duplicates name
0001232: [ide:codeeditor] IDE Code Editor Freeze
0001230: [compiler] Assigning to data member inside thisless method creating instance misses declaring data struct for class
0000371: [ide:autocomplete] Autocomplete & Watches inside new features (struct, enum... (Loop through methods...))
0001220: [compiler] Very strange generic-related bug
0001135: [compiler] Access mode mixups
0001213: [compiler] Use of ._class from typed_object generates bad C code with wrong indirection
0001212: [compiler] Importing "eda" rather than "EDA" caused a compiler crash on Windows
0001210: [ide:debugger] program output is sometimes truncated when showed in the output / debug view
0001200: [compiler] += doesn't work as intended with bit classes
0001197: [compiler] Silent, leaking and confusing use of round-trip through conversion property when missing a cast
0001196: [compiler] Array types mixups (Array inside class deriving from Array)
0001138: [installer] Installer still installs without the required space available
0001134: [compiler] Assigning a value indexing an Array<int> from a variable typed as Array seems to add the value at the end or wrong location
0001118: [installer] install location is not used for all files copied by the installer (x86 files end up in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ecere SDK)
0001116: [installer] ide.exe vs ecere-ide.exe confusion
0000488: [ide] ide: codeeditor: Syntax Highlighting For other languages
0000219: [ecere] IDE opens full-screen
0000005: [ide] Allow saving of settings
0000327: [ide] Remember IDE windows position
0000473: [ide] ide: project view: File Reordering
0000081: [ide] Implement move file / folder in the Project View
0000668: [ecere] Brackets Auto-Indenting does not ignore brackets in comments
0000321: [ide] Bracket matching in editor
0000532: [installer] Have an 'uninstall' in the SDK installer
0001198: [ecere] Comments in ECON are not ignored as they should -- commented code is still being applied! (slothtrop)
0001123: [ide:designer] View Designer deletes ProgressBar instance values when moved. (jerome)
0000717: [installer] Uninstaller (jerome)
0000768: [compiler:templates] compiler get confused about types in templates and report bad warnings
0001242: [ide:debugger] Setting breakpoint after debugging stopped still validates against old code (redj)
0001240: [ide] Fix confusion about -Wl, or no -Wl, linker flags (redj)
0001239: [ide] Do not overwrite Makefile for no reason (redj)
0001227: [buildsystem] System include paths are not being passed to C++ compiler (redj)
0001224: [compiler:ecc] Improper generated code (jerome)
0001223: [ide] Facilitate selecting proper command to use for linking (especially for C++) (redj)
0001214: [ecere] Ctrl-Backspace doesn't mark EditBox as modified (jerome)
0001199: [ecere] ECON parser fails to properly parse a=b while a = b works fine (slothtrop)
0000381: [ide] Infinite recursion on processing types for 2 classes offering a conversion property to each other (jerome)
0001122: [buildsystem] make install fails when source directory includes space (redj)
0000905: [compiler] Min & Max do not take into consideration both operand types (jerome)
0001119: [installer] Install runtime source (jerome)
0000194: [ecere] First API Reference Documentation Iteration (jerome)
0000055: [ide] Implement locking workspace file and using the workspace in read-only mode when file is already locked (redj)
0000688: [ecere] api review: global settings with json (redj)
0001089: [ide:buildsystem] nolinenumbers on single file affects entire project (redj)
0000864: [ide:codeeditor] Ctrl+Bracket (go to matching) {, ( (jerome)
0001101: [ide] -O2 per file is NOT WORKING !!!!! (redj)
0000291: [ide] set number of characters to auto-indent (jerome)
0000793: [ide:settings] tab settings (global, per project) (jerome)
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