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0000858: Translation templates (.pot) improvements
- Make .pot hierarchy match LaunchPad
- Have a separate Makefile rule (either still with 'ecs' but a different option, or different tool) to generate them

 We'll build them when we really want to (make pots?), and commit them all as one rather than dealing with neverending mismatches.
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related to 0001068new  Produce internationalization templates with a tool separate from ecs 
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(edited on: 2013-05-22 23:28)
implemented a solution in [^]

2013-05-06 01:47   
Make .pot hierarchy match LaunchPad -- how do we do this? what is this?
2013-05-06 02:13   
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As per [^]

Translation files should be in the same directory as the template to which they relate.
The translation files should be named for the appropriate language code: e.g. pt_BR.po Portugese as spoken in Brazil or fr.po for French as spoken in France. Launchpad only accepts languages that have an ISO 639 code.

There are two exceptions to this rule: English as spoken in the UK must be named en_GB.po and Chinese. Chinese exists in Launchpad only as three variants: Simplified Chinese (zh_CN), Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) and Hong Kong Chinese (zh_HK).

When naming translation files, you should leave out the country code if it is the primary or original country where that language is spoken. For example: pt for Portuguese, not pt_PT.

Sample directory layout
We recommend the standard GNU Gettext directory and file layout:


2013-05-06 02:17   
It is quite different than our current directory layout, which has e.g.:


We'll need to figure out what we need to change.
Ideally we still want our i18n library to read from the current format, but supporting the Launchpad layout would make it easier to import work from Launchpad translators (perhaps possibly even automatically).
2013-06-05 12:28   
btw, the way the disabling of .pot files generation by ecp/ecc was implemented
is an option. try the following:

mingw-make OUTPUT_POT=1

was broken, fixed by [^]
2013-06-05 13:49   
This would require a clean though to output the pots, wouldn't it?

Theoretically, of only the objects so that ecs gets run again, but in practice of everything since we don't have a rule to clean just that.

Anyways the whole thing shouldn't really be done by ecs, which is why one of the task would be to take that out and have a 'make pots' rule which just generates the templates. That's part 1 of this task.

Part 2 is to match up to the Launchpad layout so it's easy to bring in new translations. (And we can test it all out doing the french translation :))
2014-03-18 16:55   
Since all of the original issues stated in the description are now within reach, further improvements will be handled by a separate issue ( 0001068 ).
2014-03-19 00:55   
Implemented by: [^]
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Tweaked with: [^]
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