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0000748Ecere SDKide:debuggerpublic2012-06-07 01:152013-08-07 03:33
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0000748: Breakpoints issues when using Run to cursor together with breakpoints
When running to cursor, if a breakpoint is hit before reaching cursor, the debugger ends up in a bad state.

This message ends up in the Debug Output:

Debugger Error: Breakpoint hit could not match breakpoint instance
- Set up a function that gets called repeatedly
- Add a few lines of code so that you can run to cursor at the end of the function
- Set a breakpoint at the start of that function
- Start the debugging so that the breakpoint gets hit
- Run to cursor to the end of that function (the program will stop there)
- Run to cursor to that same line again (the program will hit the breakpoint and stop)
- Run to cursor to that same line again (the program will stop there)
- Hit continue (the program will hit the breakpoint)
- Hit continue again will stop at the location where you ran to cursor, while it should not, and the error message will show up.

In at least one instance I had trouble hitting newly inserted breakpoints afterwards. Could not easily reproduce in an attempt, tssuming that the debugger was just generally in a bad state
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2013-04-27 06:04   
I think this is fixed already, no?
2013-04-27 21:12   
Most likely yes, I was already stating I had trouble reproducing it...

Just do a thorough test and mark as resolved if nothing shows up :)

We'll reopen a more descriptive issue (with steps to reproduce) if we run into it again.
2013-05-23 02:51   
instruction for thoroughness:
 - try the steps outlined again
 - look at the code
 - think of a few things that can do it
 - try to reproduce it again
2013-05-23 02:54   
Confirmed there are still bugs in here.

Exactly as described in steps to reproduce.
2013-05-23 03:20   
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