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0000061Ecere SDKidepublic2008-05-04 05:162014-05-01 02:22
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0.44.10 64 
0000061: When a crash occurs within a function without debug symbol...
The proper frame stack appears as if it was selected in the call stack / code editor icons, yet it doesn't seem selected in GDB as watches say:

"No source file found for selected frame"

For watches to work, one must go to the call stack and double click or press enter on the already selected frame... Additionally, a GoToLineNumber should be done on the call stack to the selected frame so that when pressing Alt-7 one is already on the current frame line.

NOTE: Are the cursors for "selected" versus "stopped" frame correct, e.g. not inverted from the common standards in VS etc.? (Arrow versus block).
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2014-05-01 02:22   
This may have been an issue with GDB 6.3, and may have been fixed by: [^]

As for the icons, they're good as they are now:
- Square for the 'stopped' frame, arrow for the 'selected' frame

Disregarding the GoToLineNumber suggestion, as the cursor will be where you last left it which should be the last selected frame unless you intended to move it.