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0000577Ecere SDKidepublic2010-11-24 19:572013-05-19 22:15
0.44 Ryoan-ji0.44 Ryoan-ji 
0000577: Reclicking/drag directory in Global Settings paths list to move, Then reclick to edit
PathBox doesn't popup on the right line
- Open up Global Settings dialog on Compilers tab
- Click the last non-empty line down, Reclick it and drag it down
(Till the blue line appears below the empty entry)
- Release (no visual change)
Note: If you try dragging again you will see the blue line is now under that last entry with text
- Now Reclicking that empty line at the end pops up the PathBox one line higher than it should
- Dragging again will make the PathBox one line higher each time (Even until no longer visible)
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2010-12-05 22:46   
Added the following code in NotifyMove of

   if(listBox.currentRow == row.previous)
      return false;

Fixed another bug in the hood by adding a StopEdit before popping up a FileDialog (terminating the ListBox edition first).

Added revision 49 to E:\newroot\sdk\ide\src\dialogs\
Added revision 8 to E:\newroot\sdk\ide\src\dialogs\
2010-12-15 20:57   
The bugs came back after a merged branch of the new GlobalSettingsDialog and generalized DirectoriesBox.

This should solve the problems.

Added revision 10 to E:\newroot\sdk\extras\