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0000433Ecere SDKpublic2010-07-25 21:042010-07-26 01:59
0000433: previously resolved issues (draft 1 of 0.44 and earlier)
all earlier issues that have been resolved
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parent of 0000255closed redj Open Project Folder 
parent of 0000107closed jerome Verify extract on Linux 
parent of 0000106closed jerome can't display chinese 
parent of 0000105closed jerome On a crash, sometimes no visual update occurs until doing soing to refresh the IDE 
parent of 0000088closed jerome Save as specifying an extension (e.g. .html) uses eC instead 
parent of 0000085closed jerome Go to source line issue with Find in workspace 
parent of 0000047closed jerome GDB dialogue protocol errors, new gcc tool versions 
parent of 0000037closed jerome Breakpoint cursors do not reappear when reopening a project 
parent of 0000024closed redj Bootstrap makefile generator 
parent of 0000007closed jerome using printf without \n at the end causes ide to hang 
parent of 0000138closed jerome Project Settings save confirmation on configuration change 
parent of 0000135closed jerome Equality check with Array template array member casts value to uint64 
parent of 0000133closed jerome App not closing 
parent of 0000132closed jerome Project path trimming 
parent of 0000127closed jerome Watch list behavior modification 
parent of 0000126closed jerome Menu option names 
parent of 0000125closed jerome Dragging text around with the mouse messes up Undo 
parent of 0000124closed jerome Playing with F10 and then Stop debugging freezes IDE 
parent of 0000123closed jerome EditBox Undo Bug: 
parent of 0000122closed jerome Add a separate allocSize property to the Array class 
parent of 0000121closed jerome With new multi-project building support, sometimes projects do not get build, (even Main project) 
parent of 0000120closed jerome MessageBox Memory Leak 
parent of 0000113closed jerome Crashes in the IDE projects 
parent of 0000112closed jerome Debugging Lines : Stepping into a function, goes to line 0 
parent of 0000111closed jerome Undo on method override does not work properly 
parent of 0000110closed jerome Watch Crash on "symbol/" when breaked 
parent of 0000221closed jerome x87inline.h: error 
parent of 0000223closed  x87inline.h: error 
parent of 0000300closed jerome keywords that create pre-computation instructions for use in interface functions for windows 
parent of 0000217closed  Rename configuration, modify setting in it *crash* (Old EPJs?) 
parent of 0000216closed  TimeStamp and 2038 / 2106 signed/64 bit / Compile / Test TimeStamp/TimeStamp32 on UNIX 
parent of 0000215closed  ! In front of ProcessInput 
parent of 0000214closed joey XDrawPoint and transparent bitmaps slowdowns 
parent of 0000136closed jerome File Monitor is activated when building on networked Linux machine right after saving 
parent of 0000134closed  Run project multiple times 
parent of 0000119closed redj allow save, build, relink, relink, clean and generate makefile operations on added projects 
parent of 0000118closed redj per file preprocessor definitions 
parent of 0000116closed redj gdb communication uses a large static string buffer 
parent of 0000092closed redj clean under linux fails to delete ???.main.imp and ???.main.sys 
parent of 0000090closed  hello world does not catch errors 
parent of 0000077closed jerome Handle auto indent added spaces as a single undo/redo operation 
parent of 0000075closed redj OpenedFileInfo should not be kept for closed non text documents ( pictures etc...) 
parent of 0000074closed jerome Fix grammar for templating / inheriting off a templated class and specifying template parameters by name 
parent of 0000073closed jerome NetworkClientFile functionality is not working 
parent of 0000069closed jerome EditBox Undo for Tabbing / Untabbing Selection 
parent of 0000066closed redj Problems with CodeEditor call stack frame Icons 
parent of 0000064closed  Please delete my mantis account 
parent of 0000063closed jerome Debugger Watches Code Editor Linking issues 
parent of 0000062closed jerome Code Icons in the HTML viewer are reddish 
parent of 0000059closed jerome Ecere IDE using too much CPU upon File > Open 
parent of 0000058closed  Open File dialog have duplicate entries, and none for Ecere Project files 
parent of 0000054closed redj cannot open files from projects added to workspace 
parent of 0000053closed jerome EditBox Undo does not remove added spaces when using free caret 
parent of 0000052closed jerome When stepping in (F11) a library without a source path set yet, browsing dialog should come up right away 
parent of 0000051closed jerome Save project and file open directory in IDE, default to Sample Projects 
parent of 0000048closed redj Keep cursor position and scroll offset for opened files in workspace 
parent of 0000046closed redj Fix Find In Files Stay On Top 
parent of 0000045closed jerome Opening CList.cpp from old E++ jams IDE 
parent of 0000044closed jerome Crash when opening a DLL module within a Unicode path 
parent of 0000043closed redj IDE Freeze, Bad Workspace state 
parent of 0000042closed jerome Undo bug 0000003 
parent of 0000041closed jerome Undo bug 0000002 
parent of 0000040closed jerome Undo bug 0000001 
parent of 0000038closed jerome Activating Google Talk while IDE is active doesn't change activation status (IDE title bar remains active) 
parent of 0000036closed jerome Activation Issues in X 
parent of 0000035closed jerome In X/IceWM titles and icons are not working anymore... 
parent of 0000034closed redj In Linux, when gdb is not installed IDE jams. 
parent of 0000033closed jerome Text in Dialogs in IDE under X is cut out at many places 
parent of 0000032closed jerome Alt-F7 (Project Settings) not working in IDE in X with IceWM / KDE 
parent of 0000031closed jerome Shift-Tab not working in X 
parent of 0000030closed jerome Activation problem when editing Communicator source 
parent of 0000029closed jerome Watching arra[] crashes 
parent of 0000028closed jerome Extra overriden members are added when dragging an EditBox in the Form Designer 
parent of 0000027closed jerome Main crash the eC compile 
parent of 0000025closed jerome Can not use va_arg() when process "..." parameter 
parent of 0000021closed redj Support adding projects to workspace 
parent of 0000017closed redj GDB Error messages when using good breakpoints 
parent of 0000016closed jerome Watches: empty string 
parent of 0000014closed jerome Opening eC module problem 
parent of 0000013closed redj Trying to run a dll produces no visible result 
parent of 0000012closed redj Automatic File Reload in IDE should keep cursor position 
parent of 0000011closed jerome recvfrom is not used for UDP socket because DatagramHost sets _connected to 1 
parent of 0000010closed redj find in files dialog; filter is not used when searching files not in project 
parent of 0000009closed redj find in files dialog; filter is disabled when "in project" is checked 
parent of 0000008closed redj feature: editable resources path 
parent of 0000004closed jerome Undo and redo in IDE 
parent of 0000003closed jerome Bouncing IDE 
parent of 0000002closed redj project opening mixed up by workspace file 
parent of 0000001closed redj make the eC compiler into a library (ec.dll / 
parent of 0000224closed  duplicate 'unsigned' 
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