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0001000Ecere SDKide:findinfilespublic2013-09-10 04:272013-10-09 07:00
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0.44.10 640.44.10 64 
0001000: Out of bounds crash on Find in Files
As summarized
I was searching in a network path for lib.exe
frame is 1024

when stack is defined as:

SearchStackFrame stack[1024];

Call stack:
  0 SearchThread_Main Method, src\dialogs\
  1 __ecereNameSpace__ecere__sys__Thread_ThreadCallBack Method, src\sys\
  2 inside KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk, C:\Windows\System32\kernel32.dll

1. We seem to be missing an upper bound on frame?
2. I don't think anything is 1024 levels deep in my test folder so obviously something is wrong (Seems to have to do with Windows network paths \\server\share\folder ...
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related to 0000609closed jerome Playing with FileDialog while Directory Search is going on hangs the IDE 
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2013-09-28 00:48   
using a const int for [ ]
that's a C99 feature isn't it? :P
(I'd typically use a #define , though C99 is starting to be the standard we should support ;
e.g. the const doesn't realy make a difference
you can still obtain the address of the const int :)

Ah also it'd be nice if we wouldn't stall when typing a network path in a PathBox \\kitana
it should probably be wait until you do \\kitana\
before trying to test the path...
Is that easy to tweak in the PathBox?
it's a nightmare to type a network path in a PathBox otherwise :)

The directory path is coming in to FileListing::Find as //kitana/install rather than \\kitana\install
and the default Windows find mechanism asks for //kitana/install/*.* and somehow that returns //kitana/install
Now I don't know if we want to treat //kitana/install as a Windows network path?
do we already do that?
I know it's kind of used in the Linux world you can specify things to smb tools like that
2013-09-30 09:04   
Out of bounds crash and stalling while typing fixed by: [^]

// vs \\ issue remains to be resolved.
2013-10-06 02:16   
(edited on: 2013-10-09 06:56)
fixed by not using PathBox::slashPath in find in files. [^]