Something in eNotepad example

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Something in eNotepad example

Post by samsam598 »

Given below code:

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Menu fileMenu { menu, "File", f };
At the place both menu and f has not defined but how come they are ready to use?I am a bit confused to the construction of the Menu system in eC.
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Re: Something in eNotepad example

Post by jerome »

Hi Sam,

First this is equivalent to:

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Menu fileMenu { parent = menu, text = "File", hotKey = f };
Then 'menu' here if this is inside a Window class would refer to the Window::menu property of that class, which is automatically initialized when you set hasMenuBar = true.

'f' in this case is an enumeration value from KeyCode which can be converted to the data type of the Window::hotKey property (Key).

Hope this helps :)

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