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Installer suggestions

Post by D.Bane »


I did not know where to put suggestions so I will answer here instead of writing to this topic
redj wrote:I'm pretty sure D.Bane meant using the installer to package any other project.
Redj is right, I wanted to say that it would be cool to have the installer activated by pressing something like 'make setup'.

It could go trough any and all necessary steps like attaching needed DLL's or some resources needed while installing or when running the application as well as registering the DLL's.

This would give people a much easier experience of getting their applications out there and more people would be giving you data about how the installer works (if it has some bugs that occur only in specific cases or specific OS/hardware configurations).

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Re: Installer suggestions

Post by mothdragon »

Nice! I like that idea! Ooh ooh, can we have it please?
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Re: Installer suggestions

Post by jerome »

Like I mentioned earlier, the installer source code is now available under sdk/installer :)

It's just a matter of either making the code more generic, or adapting it to your needs.

Contributions welcome :D



P.S.: The first step would be to make sure the CheckListBox class in is in sync with the code in extras/gui/controls/ (i.e. the installer can use that class), and taking out the class out from :)
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