Revert "Fixes to run the new Explorer on Windows"
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2011-09-14 Rejean LoyerRevert "Fixes to run the new Explorer on Windows"
2011-09-14 Jerome St-LouisFixes to run the new Explorer on Windows
2011-09-14 Rejean Loyerlibede: fixed freeing wrong memory problem. this was...
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede:FileSystemBox: complete migration of previewPict...
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede:FilesystemBox: added public Refresh method
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede:FileSystemBox: added updating of path in supplie...
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede:FileSystemBox : added navigateFolders feature...
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede: renamed lib: ede -> EDE
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede:FileSystemBox: code esthetics
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerlibede: FileSystemBox: added filesOnly option
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyercleaned ede.epj of old file references
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerintroducing libede