bunch of changes, unfortunate lack of commits
[ede] / explorer / src / Explorer.ec
2011-10-01 Rejean Loyerbunch of changes, unfortunate lack of commits
2011-09-15 Rejean Loyerexplorer: fixed (bool)path[0]
2011-09-15 Rejean Loyerexplorer: fixed going to location via command line...
2011-09-14 Rejean Loyerlibede & explorer: esthetics
2011-09-14 Rejean Loyerexplorer: started migration to FileSystemBox based...
2011-09-14 Rejean Loyerexplorer: fixed file path case sensitive: mimetypes...
2011-09-14 Rejean LoyerRevert "old explorer: native decorations"
2011-09-10 Rejean Loyerold explorer: native decorations
2011-05-17 Jerome St-LouisInitial Git commit