Celebrating 10 years

We provide a free open-source SDK and IDE for writing cross-platform apps with GUI, 3D graphics, networking, databases and more. It includes a compiler for eC, an object oriented programming language which we designed as a superset of C.

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We provide consulting services and can deliver custom software solutions. Our expertise is in high performance, user interfaces, databases, 3D visualization, geomatics and deployment on multiple platforms, both desktop and mobile.

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We provide GNOSIS, a high performance GIS visualization SDK, supporting 3D views and terrain, as well as cartographic projections. We offer training and support and can also build complete solutions, or integrate with existing systems.

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We offer Paper2PACS, an affordable solution to easily scan and load images onto a PACS. We can deliver custom DICOM solutions, and are also looking at providing inexpensive R/HIS and PACS systems. We can also develop CAD tools.

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We provide a complete set of development tools for building cross-platform software applications for desktop and mobile platforms. The Ecere SDK is free open source software allowing you to write an application once and deploy it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android platforms. It will let you build applications using eC, C or C++. The SDK is included in the official repositories of Debian based Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Linux Mint, as the 'ecere-sdk' package. It is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license, allowing you to build commercial and proprietary applications with it.

  • eC Programming Language

    We designed eC as an expressive and intuitive, C style object oriented language. While allowing you to do anything you can do with the C language, in addition to a powerful yet simple set of object oriented features somewhat inspired from some of C++'s syntax (classes, inheritance, encapsulation/access-level control), eC features per-instance virtual methods overrides, reflection, properties, dynamic modules imports as an alternative to header files and does not require prototype declarations. It natively supports UTF-8 encoded Unicode character strings.

    Visit ec-lang.org
  • Ecere SDK: Cross-platform GUI toolkit, 2D/3D Graphics, Networking

    The Ecere SDK features a cross-platform runtime library providing graphical user interface components, 2D and 3D graphics, networking support, system functionality such as file system access and threading support, and a lot more.

    It also features international text support, with its own built-in implementation of gettext translation files and an elegant syntax for specifying in the code which strings to translate. The SDK is fully translated in Simplified Chinese and Spanish, and a number of other translations have begun.

    Visit ecere.org
  • Ecere Integrated Development Environment

    The Ecere IDE is a complete development environment featuring a code editor with context sensitive code completion, syntax highlighting, a powerful build system and an integrated debugger. It can be used to manage and build complex projects written in any combination of the eC, C and C++ languages, and will automatically generate cross-platform GNU Makefiles, including support to build for Windows with the core MinGW tools, with or without MSYS. It also includes a form designer along with property and method sheets for building GUI applications in a Rapid Application Development manner.

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  • Ecere Data Access: an object oriented abstraction layer for RDBMS

    EDA provides a schema-based object oriented abstraction layer for accessing RDMBS. It includes a driver for SQLite, through which SQL is supported. Development has started on a driver for Oracle, and it also provides its own minimalist RDBMS.

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  • Ecere Documentor

    Ecere Documentor is a tool for documenting and browsing documentation of eC class libraries' APIs. Classes within modules are automatically organized by namespaces, and an hyperlinked interface for browsing through types (classes), data members, properties and methods is automatically generated. In Documentation mode, text can be added to document all descriptions, parameters, members with sections for usage, remarks, examples and 'See Also'.

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  • The Ecere Tao of Programming

    The Tao is a book we're writing on software development with the Ecere SDK. At present this serves as a crash course on the eC programming language, as the remainder of the book which should focus on the Ecere APIs remains to be written. This draft is a free PDF.

    Read The Ecere Tao of Programming [work in progress]

Add 2D or 3D maps to your applications with our GIS visualization SDK.

The SDK is licensed free of charge to educational institutions for educational use.

  • GNOSIS: a high performance object oriented GIS visualization SDK

    The GNOSIS SDK is a cross-platform object-oriented SDK for visualizing map data, terrain and geographic information. It features remarkably responsive real-time 3D and cartographic projections. It allows you to import a variety of Digital Elevation Model, raster and vector imagery formats. Thanks to an optimal multi-resolution tiling scheme, it will achieve consistent high performance whether viewing from down on the ground or looking at the entire globe. Map styling is achieved through powerful cascading style sheets, which can be conveniently edited from within GNOSIS Cartographer.

    See GNOSIS in action at ecere.ca/gnosis
  • GNOSIS Cartographer: visualize, style and publish map data

    GNOSIS cartographer allows you to easily preview, import, style and preprocess maps to our optimal map format. Intuitively visualize data fields available for your maps and which data they qualify, keep a library of available map sources, publish and use a collection of maps as a single bundle.

  • Paper2PACS: scan paper documents and attach them to PACS studies

    Paper2PACS supports flat bed and feeding tray scanners through WIA, on any version of Windows from XP to 8 (for a different platform, please contact us; we might consider a port). It features study look up and automated completion for all data fields. You can also load or save images from/to disk. DICOM configuration is user-configurable.
    Please download a free 60 days trial and contact us to obtain a license key.

    Avira users: Avira blindly complains about all executable packed with UPX. This would be a false positive.
  • Radiology/Hospital Information Systems

    We have initiated development of a RIS, providing patient data entry, invoicing support and PACS modality worklist integration. We are also looking at extending it into a more complete HIS and implement HL7 support. If this could be of interest to your hospital or clinic, please get in touch with us.

  • Picture Archival and Communication Systems

    We are looking at developing high performance PACS software and providing more affordable related services, including a PACS server architecture and DICOM viewers. If this could be of interest to your hospital or clinic, please get in touch with us.

    We can also develop custom DICOM solutions based on our own DICOM toolkit.

We offer custom software consulting services of all kinds. We can help analyze your processes and establish software requirements. We can build entire solutions or integrate with existing components. We'll deliver the best solutions tailored to your needs. We're experts at achieving high performance and low memory footprints thanks to our native execution development tools. Contact us to discuss your needs and figure out how we may help.

  • 3D Visualization

    We have a vast expertise in 3D visualization, and our SDK features a powerful 3D graphics engine built atop OpenGL/OpenGL ES and Direct3D with which we can rapidly prototype and deliver 3D solutions, be it for Computer Aided Design, Virtual/Augmented Reality or other applications.

  • Graphical User Interfaces

    We can quickly develop graphical user interfaces for all your needs with the flexible GUI toolkit of the Ecere SDK. Our interfaces are fully customizable and skinnable, and we can develop custom components to perfectly suit your needs.

  • Cross-platform Deployment

    We have been cross-platform experts since 1997 in the days of MS-DOS. The solutions we build will be deployable to all supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, as well as Android mobile devices. It is also possible to run them on other UNIX systems such as FreeBSD. We are currently hard at work on supporting deployment as web applications, and hope to support iOS as well later this year. What more, regardless of the ongoing evolution of platforms your software will keep running in the years to come as we update our SDK to support the latest technology, thus protecting the value of your investment.

  • Database Applications

    We provide powerful high performance database solutions, either embedded within an application based on SQLite or running on an external server with PostgreSQL or the RDBMS of your choice.

  • Federal Government

    We are located across the river from Ottawa and are available to provide custom software solutions to the Government of Canada. We've built a complete contractor work selection solution for a branch of Public Works and Government Services Canada and maintained it since 2007. Its users have expressed a high degree of satisfaction.

We can help you achieve high performance visualization in your GIS applications. We can build complete GIS visualization solutions, or integrate with existing systems. We can also license our GNOSIS SDK and offer custom training as well as assistance in the development of GIS visualization applications.

  • High Performance Interactive 3D and Cartographic Maps

    Feature high performance 2D or 3D maps in your applications, and benefit from our own expertise building GIS solutions using our GNOSIS SDK.

  • Map Data Processing and Optimization

    We are optimization experts and can help you process your digital elevation model, raster or vector imagery to ensure optimal performance for use with GNOSIS.

  • Client/Server Mapping Architectures

    We provide our own framework for reducing required bandwidth of client/server mapping applications to the bare minimum. We can provide map servers for managing and serving comprehensive map libraries, optionally inter-connecting multiple servers. We can ensure the best responsiveness for your client applications. We can integrate connectivity with existing protocols such as WMS.

We can provide all type of software solutions for the healthcare industry. We have a lot of experience working with PACS systems and digital radiology. Contact us to discuss your needs and figure out how we may help.

  • DICOM / PACS Solutions

    In addition to our Paper2PACS offering, we can develop any range of custom DICOM / PACS software using our own DICOM toolkit. We are looking to partner with hospitals and clinics to establish ourselves as providers of more affordable and better R/HIS, PACS systems as well as the associated support.

  • Knowledgeable IT Services

    Highly knowledgeable IT services, specialized in the healthcare industry, serving the region of the Canadian National Capital (Gatineau, QC/Ottawa, ON). Benefit from our vast knowledge of hardware, software and networking systems to quickly determine the best solution to any IT problem that may come up. Deep familiarity with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, network connectivity, CISCO routers. Vast expertise with PACS systems and computer systems driving radiology modalities. We're working with your best interest in mind; you may want an opinion on your situation independent from the company trying to sell you new expensive hardware.

  • 3D visualization, simulation and other areas of advanced research

    As 3D visualization experts we are in a position to contribute to the development of healthcare solutions making use of 3D Computer Aided Design or Virtual Reality. We also have a keen interest of applying our rapid prototyping, software architecture and engineering skills to areas of advanced medical research such as molecular biology and all types of simulations contributing to cure disease and improve quality of life.

End-User Software

  • Multimedia, Communications, Fun Utilities and Games

    Discover a collection of software applications for the end-user we've written over the years, mainly for fun, in the eC language, using the Ecere SDK.